15 Feelings on Britain's Astonishing Decision to leave the EU

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It feels like a regression or devolution to the past, returning to a divided Europe which is drifting further apart each day.

The most sobering thought that has lingered is the stark realisation that the majority of my country is more like Nigel Farage than they are David Cameron. This is a startling realisation which makes me feel dirty. A man, famed for leading a party with a questionable history of racist outbursts, now defines the direction we will march.

Personally I don’t yet know how I feel. I feel in shock. I’m not sad or upset I’m mostly indifferent. The magnitude of the decision hasn’t had the opportunity to sink in nor have I began to understand the new reality, I figure this will come in the days, weeks and years that will follow.

I’m not sad, because I respect democracy, It’s more disappointment at the result. A realisation that my children’s opportunities will be diminished. That they will shoulder the burden of blame from their European counterparts who will no longer view us with the same friendly certainty of togetherness.

I feel a tremendous melancholy for the countries future, specifically the children. They will inherit a country which is more divided amongst itself while simultaneously feeling more detached from the rest of the world than at any time in history. In years gone we were part of an empire or we were as one with our friends across the Atlantic. All have warned against the perils of cutting free.

I feel like a child sitting waiting at my birthday party, without my parents, to see whether any of the the children I invited will come, unable to control whether they do and uncertain as to whether they will have any presents.

We are now outsiders and I would expect to see a growing resentment against us if travelling to Europe.

I feel like we have taken a step back in terms of inclusivity and acceptance of other cultures and ways of thinking. In a modern developed world it sickens me that we are projecting this outwardly to the rest of the world. I don’t look forward to the conversations I will have with other nationalities about this.

It feels as if the decision to leave is the first domino to fall which will trigger a series of events across the rest of the European Union. Germany will seriously consider their position as will all the the large economies present withing the Euro zone.

The EU was formed as a political union in order to alleviate the tensions that were still present after world war two and that was achieved through multiple agreements which were to be mutually beneficial. Do these tensions return with the disappearance of the European Union?

Through establishing dependence on one another through trade new relationship were formed which insured good relationships if not immediate friendship. This feels like it has been revoked somewhat, a backlash against us feels almost inevitable.

With the economies of several of the nations teetering on the edge of bankruptcy the uncertainty may well trigger one of more of them to fail in a similar manner as to what occurred in Greece. This could be forced upon them by the volatility of the Euro due to lack of confidence in the union which was enforced as a direct consequence of our actions.

The rise of the right in Europeans politics will be buoyed by the results. They will see this as validation of their beliefs and push harder for change. The far right will grow in influence inevitably, which will lead to violent protests across the continent.

The immigration debate which has been furiously argued by both sides in the UK will come to a head. There will be a significant rush of migrants trying to get in, not just Britain but every other European country, for fear of being locked out is the Schengen agreement is revoked.

The Scottish independence campaign has been given new impetus and it will pursue a second independence referendum, most likely immediately. This would result in a vote to leave the UK and the ridiculous situation of the UKs most Northern body wanting to become a member of the EU.

The vote could spell instability within Ireland. The threat of a border between the Republic and Northern Ireland will lead to significant tension between the opposing political movements. If it is not resolved prudently a return of significant violence may become prevalent.

Ultimately, I believe it will lead the dissolution of the European Union in its entirety and I feel it will disappear.

In a globally connected word I think this is indicative of the times we live in. Growing dissent is proliferating as hate and is visible in almost every country in the world already.

The far right, which people assumed had been suppressed, is growing and thriving again due to the prevalence of hate and insecurity, which scares me about what the future holds.

I sincerely and truly hope that the bleakest projections I am currently making in my head don’t come to fruition.

Today Britain doesn’t feel United, it doesn't feel Great. It feels like a small scared, insignificant and hate filled nation incapable of understanding that the world has evolved for the better. How can my nation be filled with so much fear, hatred and anger towards fellow inhabitants of the same planet? The only thing this makes me feel is shame.

With all the above being true I still have hope, unfortunately that hope is mostly that I am wrong.

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