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Lessons Learned From 27 Years In The Pursuit Of Success

A lifetime of lessons learned about success during the search to find it

I haven’t once believed that I am in anyway successful.

My pursuit of success though is eternal and relentless. I unmercifully hunt the goals I have set for myself and unflinchingly chase them like a dog without a bone.

I sniffed out opportunities which those who were less intuitive have missed. I don’t allow societal convention/expectation to inspire or deter me from my goals. I control what I can and ignore everything else. Irrespective of how many others have set out in the same direction I never allow it to influence my decisions of whether to continue.

You can never control when other people stop, but you are solely responsible for whether you ever give up.

I don’t accept the limitations others have imposed as a reality I must subscribe to.

Reaching your destination means finality. Life and success is a relay, every successful leg involves a transition to the next great sprint. Transitions are inevitable, things might slow down, but its essential you never stop.

I am effervescent. You must be self-perpetuating. You can’t depend on other for inspiration, if you can’t set the tone of your life how can you ever expect anyone else to march with you?

Small victories must please you but they can’t be the be all and end all. You need to be level headed and consistent; you can never get too high or too low. In the same way you can’t over emphasise small steps forward you can’t get hung up on small losses.

And failure is the most intimate bedfellow of success.

Both straddle the other frequently taking advantage of the opposed and exploiting the position of power depending on the way the pendulum has swung.

When you are closest to failure you must act like you are inches from success, and when you are on the cusp of unimaginable success you must hold the thought of failure as inspiration.

The power of delusion should never be underestimated when employed correctly. You need to believe you are capable of achieving things other people will laugh at. The intersection between what’s possible and what’s impossible is where the greatest leaps forward will be made. You must make yourself comfortable in this state of purgatory otherwise you’ll forever remain sentenced to standing still.

Finding out something is a miserable failure is far more valuable than being too scared to find out.

Weakness is strength and an ability to ask for help is true bravery. Never be afraid.

Honesty is most difficult because of your pride. To succeed you need to banish those demons and face the facts. Protecting your feeling and others can be the disease which sentences you to death. I’m not saying be purposefully mean, I’m advocating radical candour.

You must be big enough to say and do what needs to be said and done on every occasion. If you don’t once it will be the mistake you look back on and regret.

Creative innovation typically involves borrowing from things that have previously succeeded. Maniacally research historical precedent and the things that have previously worked but never become precious.

You need to be willing to discard every last part of your idea, even if it is already successful, if it means you can improve your chances of further success.

Reinvention isn’t rebirth — it’s essential progression that enables survival. Always be willing to change direction and remember it’s never too late to do so.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, it only matters that you don’t fail the last time you are willing to try.

If 8 out of 10 businesses fail you must be willing to start 10 otherwise there is no part in beginning at all.

Recognise your own value; both positively and negatively. Understand your limitations. Never hold back success if someone else is better placed to lead the next leg of the relay. If this means paying an essential hire more money than you earn or taking a step back and letting someone else lead then do it.

Recognise what’s important. Time is life’s most important resource and every second you waste is one you will never get back. You should almost always sacrifice money for time, because each moment you waste is the change to achieve something significant.

Find joy in the small, every day things of life.

Serendipity is the change to profit from the positions you force yourself to be in. The more nets you cast, the more opportunities you have to catch the right fish. Crucially though, when you capture one focus all your attention on reeling it in.

Never be afraid to love unconditionally, it might expose your vulnerabilities but you’ll never be happier.

What my Pursuit of Success Involves

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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