5 Obscure Books you Must Read Immediately

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  1. World After Capital — Albert Wenger — An esoteric read analysing the world of finance, funding and startups, viewed through the lense of how the world is changing before our eyes. Wenger argues that the world is evolving from a world where the scarcest resource is capital to one where it is attention. The book takes a deep dive through history, stopping and giving an overview of the evolution and limits of capitalism, before projecting a democratised, decentralised future where companies will require a network-as-a-service as an addition to capital investment.
  2. Blockchain Revolution — Don & Alex Tapscott — Want to understand Cryptocurrency? Let this be your bible. Blockchain is the foundation of a decentralised world. Web 1.0 is long gone, Web 2.0 is coming to a close while Web 3.0 promises a more distributed equitable future. This book provides the keys to understand how this world will emerge. It enables you to understand the mechanisms that are required to participate in this new world. It covers the technology, the thesis and the possible future that it will all create. To understand why the world is so excited about crypto and blockchain, read this book. Then you’l get it.
  3. Johnathan Livingston Seagull — Richard Bach — A wonderful story about the lonely journey to mastery, covering the peak and troughs that you will uncover along the way. Nothing has struck such a profound chord with me than this book. Short enough to be read in one sitting, Bach provides an insight into the mind of the world’s foremost dreamers through the eyes of a seagul. Never has a text discussing the way you will be challenges and questioned been so clear. It provides a timely reminder of the purpose and usefulness of mentors which taught me about the progress through one’s career. If you’re not certain of how your pursuit of your goals in going, read this and gain a broader insight into the overall arch of your endeavours. You won’t regret it.
  4. Hillbilly Elegy — J.D. Vance — Why is the world so fragmented? Why are people unlike us making decision that make so little sense? Like Alice in Wonderland Vance pulls back the curtain to reveal whats really going on. Hailing from, by his own admition, a long line of ‘rednecks’ J.D. is uniquely positioned to comment on the world’s evolution towards a more Populist political universe. These communities have been left behind, as both coasts of America prosper the middle struggle living in an effectively different universe. They are no longer willing to accept it. The book provides a fascinating insight into the way attitudes towards work have evolved. People unwilling to work hard are not only increasing, it has become to norm. This book opens the door to a world you know exists but that you don’t understand. It will allow you to come away with a new perspective on things, and develop empathy towards the reason these attitudes have formed.
  5. Stories of Your Life and Others — Ted Chiang —The best book you have never read. No book has influenced my vision of the future more than this book. The profound impact it has had proliferates every aspect of my thinking. Comprised of a number of short stories which look forward as well as back, Chiang engages with the readers perception of how small changes affect the way we live. The film arrival was developed from one of the 7 stories inside, another provides a view of how a fully ‘instagrammed’ world would look and feel, utilising an AR headset which applies a filter to everything you see. As an exercise this book is a triumph. Each story deserves to be a standalone book, and the level of depth and Rigour Ted is able to fit into each page is incredible. I have recommended this book to more people throughout the years than any other and none has received such universal praise. Read it and I guarantee you enjoy no other book more this year.

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