65 Predictions About the Future of Work and Life

Chris Herd
11 min readAug 16, 2020

The 2020s are the Remote Work decade.

Remote work has the potential to be the biggest quality of life upgrade in work history. A few predictions of what is likely to emerge:

1. 🤖 Personal RPA:

Robotic process automation will transform work for individuals.

No-code tools that enable workers to built bots that automate menial parts of their roles will be huge

2. 🚀 UI-Less Tech:

Friction while working remotely is one of the biggest communication problems for remote

Instant communication which isn’t distracting, disrupting or about surveillance will be super important

3. 💀 Death of HQ:

The office is dead but offices will persist. They’ll be used less frequently then hardly at all

Co-working, subscription clubs, will emerge that let workers who prefer that mode of work to operate from there

4. 🌉 City Unbundling:

The allure of the city has been eroded by technology. You can easily spend time there without living there

Cost of living has made them irrational. Modern time-shares for city living, city services being distributed are inevitable in

5. 🧰 Vertical Tools:

@NotionHQ, @LoomHQ, @zoom_us etc. are incredible horizontal products that do nearly anything

Vertical products that do one thing, operating around a constraint that looks like a feature, will explode to prominence

Meetings, async & culture big opportunities

6. 🙋‍♂️ Presence:

Tools that provide an estimate of when you should expect a response will become big

These will measure the tasks your team are doing and use this to set expectations, allowing teams to escalate more easily when necessary

7. 🚐 Remote Living:

Work from anywhere RVs will become huge business

Associated business parks and services will spring up. This will happen even…

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