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A Brief History of the Internet and How it’s Evolution Provides a Blueprint for the Future

The third wave of the internet is upon us

Consider it a revolutionary moment which involves a paradigm shift from the preceding two waves. Here’s how:

Because of this government involvement was necessary

Getting online was the first problem

The second problem was that once you were online what was there to do?

It was a confused place trying to find its place and meaning. It lacked the subtleties we experience now and was constantly fraught with danger or disaster.

Everyone who lived through it remembers the distinct noise of dial-up and the despair that arose when the phone rang and our parents became executioners to our connection.

Having waited minutes for a web page to load our hopes and dreams could be ended in an instant

The Second Wave

The second wave witnessed maturity and coherence. The internet came of age

Companies like Facebook grew out of a dorm room in the States to dwarf the valuation of old media companies founded a hundred years ago. The second wave was the point where adoption of the internet had reached critical mass and a lack of participation effectively meant exclusion. It marked the beginning of social and sharing and revolutionised industries as diverse as music, shopping and travel.

The second wave was marked by individual triumphs and developments. Messaging platforms like WhatsApp conquered the messaging world where skype monopolised video communication and international calls.

These standalone successes benefited from the first wave but were detached from the much of the arduous process of legislation compliance. They were inventing the future and creating a new world reality without asking for permission.

The third wave is upon us.

It will be similar to the previous two while remaining distinctly unique

Instead of 10x better user experience we are being objected to slight advances. Look at the development from Myspace to Facebook. Most people wouldn’t argue Facebook isn’t a massive leap forward in terms of user experience but it’s essentially the same product idea perfected.

Similarly, you could say the same for Napster and Spotify or MSN messenger to Whatsapp.

Where will the next development come from?

A combination of two things, connectivity and analysis.

I refer to the inter-connectivity of everything

The third wave is going to involve the combination of all human learning with regards the internet

The arduous repetitive tasks we hold in such disdain will be done by computers which instantly analyse changes in the conditions of the things we own. Imagine never having to go shopping again as your cupboard possess sensors that know when stocks of specific items are low and order new ones when they fall below a certain threshold.

What about the ability to acquire free kitchen appliances if we approve of them coming with digital advertisements or an agreement to only purchase specific brands?

So whats the problem?

That is where I believe the third wave is going to differ hugely from the second wave

The third wave is going to require massive government regulation, legislation and approval

They will have to approve every development due to the privacy issues, the detailed data that will be afforded and the impact it will have on the lives of every single person on earth. This will mean that we must negotiate with the government.

Where second wave companies were free from the burden of compliance, every move will be watched in the third

Will you be our friend?

The second wave gave rise to massive companies but they were born in a vacuum devoid of the need for cooperation. The third wave companies will not be afforded this luxury.

The developments in the third wave will come in education, government, healthcare, financial services, insurance, transport, energy, insurance agriculture, manufacturing — every sector which has remained stagnant for the last fifty years.

The only thing they all have in common is stifling government regulation

Education will be tailored to individuals specific needs while understanding what has been effective for millions of pupils.

Healthcare will benefit from the data where the effects of drugs can be measured and aggregated instantaneously across continents instead of single hospitals.

Being able to understand and operate alongside the government will not just be a requirement, it will be a prerequisite which allows you to operate, survive and grow.

Partnerships will allow that

How do companies with no industry experience convince a government to let them operate within these highly confidential, controlled and critically important spheres?

The answer is they have to form partnerships and work together

One will provide the network, connections and reputation and the other will provide the tools

And the blockchain will allow it

The third wave will also begin the deterioration of corporate greed as third wave companies survival is contingent on our participation. We are beginning to expect more of companies, impact and purpose not just profit. We will expect these corporations to enrich our lives not just steal our money.

And that is before we view the developments that are to come in artificial technology, autonomous vehicles and virtual reality

It’s easy to fear the future

We need to stop viewing technology as an existential threat and embrace it in partnership.

Technology isn’t our biggest threat, our biggest threat is not embracing it to invent the future. We are what we are because of our ingenuity unto this point it would be incredibly stupid to resort to simply making things smaller and faster.

The future is whatever we want it to be but we must create it. progress is only constrained by our lack of imagination. So take action and be fearless. If you fall down get back up. To topple an empire you have to play the game.

Find friends and conquer: Alone we can do little. Together we can do so much.

The stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stone. It ended because we invented something better.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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