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A Cheat Sheet for Creating Billion Dollar Industries

To be successful you need to create products or services that bring utility to a large number of people. This is how you need to think about them

Photo Apps like Instagram are a Perfect Example

The future is Platforms

The crowd has evolved to become the source for the most efficient consumption — Airbnb and Uber are perfect examples — the middle man has been cut down if not left behind and we have a far better service at a far lower cost.

Businesses of the future are simply things that will help people of today meet their needs tomorrow

Companies that I believe will change the world will do the below


For the first time ever there were more people in the world over 65 than under 5. There are already not enough carers.

Utilities, Services and Purchasing

Platforms change this equation. Co-opereative buying platforms can enable us to reduce our recurring revenue by establishing a blockchain of data that highlight when we are paying to much.

Companies will emerge that will negotiate our costs down on our behalf without the need for any intervention from us.


Vehicle Rental


Where technology has forced us apart it can be used to bring us closer together. This can be done by taking care of our spontaneity and acting in our self-interest where life gets in the way and makes us forget.


In return for cheaper appliances, services etc. consumers see adverts related to their consumption with the ability to order directly from them.

Micro Gig-Economy


Rewarding Creatives

These are the solutions I am creating and the Companies I am searching for to help fund.

Are you creating one of these things?

Let’s Talk

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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