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Are YOU Going to be the Change you Seek in the World or are YOU Happy to Accept this Shit

There will always be ubiquitous tech of the future that’s inconceivable to people of the past — and someone has to create it

The future is not anyone’s responsibility. It’s not something that we inherit as our purpose which naturally leads to the progress of humanity.

The world is changed by individuals

One person can change the course of history — either negatively or positively — especially when they speak the truth

We underestimate our opportunity to make a difference. We Overestimate the effort it takes to make a stand.

What Make Steve Jobs who he was?

A willingness to dream and hope for a better future. An acceptance that the burden of progress would fall on his shoulders and he would do everything in his power to push forward.

A refusal to ever settle

Jobs could of done nothing. He could of settled and waited for someone else to change the world. He could of seen the things he wanted to create as too big a problem for two men to solve in a garage.

But he didn’t and he began

Change requires one action — to start

Change requires one commitment — never give up

Failure isn’t fatal, success isn’t final.

If your not happy with the world around you, you must fight to change it. You must stand up and be counted. You must be the change you wish to see. You must lead the march you believe is right. You must pass the message to those who can’t hear or won’t listen. You must show the route to a new path.

You, yes you. There is nobody else, only you

Every single thing you see in the world around you was created by someone just like you. The asphalt that we drive on, the screen that you consume these words, the phone in your palm, the building you are inside. Every single thing you see around you was dreamt up by someone else and created for you to use. These people were no smarter than you. You can change the world, you can influence it and you can build your own things that other people will use.

But only you can do it

You can be the change you seek or you can complain about the change that is prescribed to you. Every idea in the world is the best idea ever conceived for as long as nobody else is willing to dream of something better.

Your insight into a product might be so unique that you can change the product or service and revolutionise the world.

What stops you?

But you remain paralysed. We remain stuck together. We see terrible things occuring all around us, but instead of believing we can make a difference we become part of the crowd blaming our luck. We shut our eyes and cover our ears.

Worse still, we then open our mouths

We see no evil, we hear no evil, but we speak with reckless abandon making problems worse. Instead of fostering a debate, we shout louder in the hope of overwhelming our adversaries.

You could of done something, instead we believe talk is action

We talk about doing something, but until you do it nothing has happened

Talking about turning a light on doesn’t illuminate the world around us — turning it on without telling anyone let’s everyone see without the need to talk

You can flick the switch. You can help those who refuse to. You can only open the door, you can’t force people to walk through it. But you can make sure the light is turned back on if it is ever switched off. To change the world the only thing you require is consistency of action. You need to accept sole responsibility for achieving an outcome that you have dreamt of.

You can have a dream

You can be that person. You can change the world. You can create a product or service, start a movement or lead the change you seek. You can be that little bit of good in the world. You can influence others to do the same.

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good People Do Nothing

That means you

Written by

CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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