Are you Your own Worst Enemy?

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Whether you think you can, or think you can’tyou’re right.

Attitude is everything. Life is about going from one failure to the next and overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way. Can you overcome the paralysis of inaction when you are at your lowest and rise again or will you succumb to the psychological barrier that stands in your way?

That is what it comes down to. It’s about presence and understanding subtle actions have a profound effect on your ability to achieve. How you think is influenced by how you hold yourself physically and vice versa. Adopt more confident postures and experience the benefits mentally. Instead of being your biggest problem actively pursue a solution by adopting certain actions, poses and thoughts.

You can fake it until you become it; evolving something new is simply about instilling new habits by defining a route to success. It’s about actively implementing a process of interactive self-improvement through a consistent approach which sees you repetitively cultivate the talent you wish to adopt.

It’s about being unaccepting of the most acceptable elements of life. Doing nothing has never been easier. We can be our own worst problem by succumbing to them and being seduced by the allure of technology. Falling trap door of social networking and smartphones robs you of your productivity. The nature of virtual reality is that your ability to create real world value is significantly detrimentally affected.

Increasingly, there are two types of people in the world; producers and consumers. By only accepting the latter role you forego the opportunity to influence development, and it is a conscious choice. The only thing that stops you becoming a creator of value is your willingness to do so.

Are you happy to sit back and watch as the landscape shifts around you, silently consenting to the changes or are you willing to achieve success through hard work, passion, and perseverance? Only you can entice yourself to become a producer. If you’re not willing you will endure the fate you have accepted.

The biggest problem I see is that people accept their current reality as being fixed, they are what they have become and they have a cognitive dissonance which prevents them pursuing means of change. People reach a point in their life where they accept their current knowledge as enough when reality it is never sufficient. If you’re not learning and constantly moving forward your contemporaries are overlapping you. It is why effort always trumps talent and why obsession beats interest.

Learning is the most important thing anyone can ever do for themselves. It’s about exposing yourself to new material which enables you to draw on multiple unrelated expertise’s. It’s about creating new links which enables genius. Genius is the ability to draw string between independent subjects understanding ways in which their interrelatedness enables the invention of new ideas.

And we are the biggest impediments to our own happiness. The meaning of life is personal happiness, without it what are you achieving? You could be contributing to the eradication of a humanity threatening disease but if you’re not content in your own skin what is your purpose? Purpose enables us to focus, it is signified by a single-minded determination to achieve success by doing the things we love.

Too many people drift through life uncertain of who they are and what they have become. They allow other people to determine their happiness instead of ensuring it themselves. Do the things you love with the people you love, life’s short and time will never be recovered, otherwise you are defeating yourself.

Dispel those self-defeating tendencies by being brave. In a day of social networking, where dissenting voices criticise anonymously, daring to be openly happy can be dangerous. Divorce yourself from the noise by being ignorant of the things that don’t matter. People can hold their own opinions but that doesn’t mean they are true or that you have to listen.

All of the above are self-fulfilling prophecies. Believe and you can begin. Record your goals and you have a transparent reminder of how far you have to go. Track you progress and celebrate your successes. Life can be hard it’s worth noticing marking the milestones and celebrating at every occasion.

What you can achieve is only constrained by a lack of imagination.

Once upon a time people could fly until someone decided they thought we could.

Will you endow yourself with the possibility to soar to unprecedented height or will you remain the biggest obstacle in your life?

Fortunately, you decide.

Written by

CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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