Blockchain’s a Hammer Without a Nail

Chris Herd
4 min readOct 22, 2019

I’m Here to Tell you What Most People Won’t

Your project almost definitely won’t benefit, even 1%, from choosing to use Blockchain. You’re not using it for anything innovative that a centralized Oracle database couldn’t do twenty years ago. That’s what the posturing Blockchain influencers and engineers looking to make a quick buck fail to share. They’re doing absolutely nothing which is new or innovative.

What you’re doing is building a vanity project which strokes your own ego.You’re not using blockchain technology because you have to, you’re using it because you want to and think that it will impress other people. That’s sad.

The same is almost universally true for AI and Machine learning by the way. Both have rotted to become empty adjectives used to describe functions which have no characteristics of either. They amount to little more than fancy parlor tricks involving automated bots which act in a very small, specific niche.

The sad reality is that we live in the replication age, the desires to innovate are nowhere to be found. Instead, people focus mindlessly on the replication of the existing. They take what use in their analog world and espouse about how their imagination of this thing recreated for a digital decentralized age will change the world. Sure, it might sound impressive but when you analyze the details…

There is a fundamental misunderstanding of what decentralization even is, its purpose and why it would ever be a means to an end. Without understanding that in first principles we are sentenced to repeat the mistakes of the past.Much like the dot com explosion, crypto and Blockchain will encounter its own reckoning and it is fast approaching. It becomes so difficult to see the wood for the trees that absolutely everything you encounter either looks revolutionary or like a dumpster fire about to REKT the universe.

You Thought the Crash of 2018 was it?

Not even close. That was, in fact, public sentiment running wild and had next to no bearing on the investment or innovation in the space. Yes, ICO’s were an investment but not in the way that it typically matters, i.e. the money raised came from the pockets of ‘unsophisticated investors’ (not…

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