Building These Businesses Could Make you a Billionaire

To be successful you need to create products or services that bring utility to a large number of people. This is how you need to think about them

Chris Herd
4 min readMar 22, 2018


Photo Apps like Instagram are a Perfect Example

There were Photography Apps before, but what Instagram achieved was the creation of a platform which simultaneously allowed you to create a more beautiful image and share it with the widest network of people possible.

The future is Platforms

And that future is already here. We have already embraced the distributed network of inter connectivity which brings us the things we need more cheaply and efficiently.

The crowd has evolved to become the source for the most efficient consumption — Airbnb and Uber are perfect examples — the middle man has been cut down if not left behind and we have a far better service at a far lower cost.

Businesses of the future are simply things that will help people of today meet their needs tomorrow

Companies that I believe will change the world will do the below


Companies who can reduce the need for human carers for the elder population, with a focus on utility. Something that can assist the elderly in doing simple daily tasks, e.g. showering, will have massive growth potential as the % of the population above 65 swells.

For the first time ever there were more people in the world over 65 than under 5. There are already not enough carers.

Utilities, Services and Purchasing

Companies that allow a large number of people to collectively bargain together. Whether you are purchasing a product from Amazon, agreeing a deal for a new car or buying a house when you buy something on your own you only have the power of one person to achieve a better price.

Platforms change this equation. Co-opereative buying platforms can enable us to…



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