Companies will Go Remote or Go Broke

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— attract world-class talent
— retain your best people
— maintain engagement
— provide deeper purpose
— expand talent pool globally

Remote first Co’s will disrupt every business that resists due to lower costs

— Embraces measurable performance
— Tracks and rewards productivity
— No hiding place

Finish your weeks work In 20 hours:

— You’ve met your responsibilities
— Your time is yours
— What needs to be done is clear
— The death of time in office as KPI That scares people

1/ Everyone: office
2/ Manager: office | Others: cubicle
3/ Manager: cubicle | Others: open plan
4/ Everyone: open-plan Offices have gotten exponentially worse

Started as the ideal work environment

The people most against remote work are the ones who
benefit most from office politics and hierarchy

Remote working enables the most diverse range of people possible to thrive for any organization globally. Removing barriers to participation decentralizes opportunity and allows you to attract and retain your best workers.

Forget the massive cost savings on real estate.
Ignore the overwhelming gains in productivity.

Focus on the happiness of your people.

The ability to attract people from the entire spectrum of society.
Let them work on the schedule and situation that suits their needs.

The companies who do will be rewarded

The benefits:

— people want it
— lowers pollution
— less congestion
— zero commuting
— higher productivity
— more time with family
— productivity focussed
— companies slash costs
— death of time in office as KPI

Hiding something?

Written by

CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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