Completely agree. The only way to progress is to move past the current paradigm.

Look, I don’t have a problem with advertisement exactly. I have a problem with them being so pervasive with no return for my investment of my time. I have a problem with them trying to influence my decisions and behaviour through nudged design. I have a problem with them making money off the back of media companies going out of business because they can’t pay their staff. I have a problem with them significantly altering the outcome of democratic processes.

That’s why I believe this is the future. Human connection is eroded each day. What is needed is a space to talk. A space to listen. A space to understand and debate. A safe space is needed to explore ideas and share thoughts and feeling instead of the current model of isolation.

That is what my article hints at — safe space. Or just space. Initially you belong to a Satelitte. You share ideas and you progress. You learn and develop with people around you. You contribute to a community about the things you are interested in and learn from others around you. From there you meet other people if you are adding value to your current community. For once their is an incentive to be a good actor. You become invested in the people around you.

And value is accrued as a by product of participation. To utilise the service you must forfeit a small % of CPU usage. this is used to maintain a blockchain which records who owns which coins. This isn’t a system that can be abused by bad actors in teh way that BTC is being mined by a few. Micropayments are automatically made to the people you find most value in. If you wach someone video they get ‘paid’. If they watch your, you do.

In another vein, I see it from the perspective of social networks or search. Before FB there was Friendster, Myspace etc. Before Google there was Yahoo. What if these initial cryptos are only a precursor to innovation? Personally, I think that is the most likely scenario. Historical precedent has shown that to be almost ubiquitously true — the first mover typically stays aorund for a very long time, but seldom wins over a long enough time horizon.

I believe the two will resolve themselves to create something new. How? I’m still working on that.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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