Corey – like the way you think and greatly appreciate your comments.

What I’d start of by saying is that the Nexves current account is a slight ramp to participation. It offers very little obstacles for participation and the friction is effectively zero. It operates in the same manner as your current account does now, with a slightly more nobel method of reward.

That forms the initial central hub of the service. The spokes which extend provide the opportunity for additional services appended to the hub offering tremendous value to users. Whether that is in he reflection of data back to the users, or the fund, what the platform leverages is data to reduce the CAC as well as the investment need for venture to succeed.

In terms of going far enough, I think we are on the right path but agree that more could and will be done. I have had a number of conversations with standard banks and others, and the recurring theme is that they aren’t bold enough to consider the changes I am proposing. That is the reason I am pursuing this.

We are integrating a suite of products and services which will enable participants to profit from their actions. Collectively people are incentivised to act together in mutual self interest, which guarantees people will.

Discovery of companies will be democratised and rewarded, where the overall success of the platform results in the success of the individuals.

For me this isn’t just a bank, it is a critical layer of infrastructure necessary for our progress into the third phase of the web. Decentralisation will proliferate everywhere, while a ‘Bank’ has the opportunity to straddle every domain providing a revolutionary opportunity for trust mechanism to be built ubiquitously. Where those people don’t act as required they can be held to account.

Would love to continue this discussion if you have any other questions –

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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