Employee Happiness is About More Than Money

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The question I most often ask myself is this: why work?

And if we are to work what value can be derived from it? The relationship between employees and employers has corroded to such an extent that it is broken. Careers are no more, therefore the relationship has to evolve, transform and change. It has to become an alliance of mutual beneficiary — not exploitation at the cheapest possible cost.

What can be done to ensure value is gained by all parties, how can jobs evolve to ensure all work is of high quality and is sufficiently challenging. What can be done to ensure that when people leave a company’s care it is with the benefit of transformative personal growth?

With that in mind I’ve been developing the below lines of thinking:

Value: We need to value our employees so much so that they are considered partners in everything we do. We don’t have employees per se, we must have partnerships with individuals which we hope are mutual beneficial over a prolonged period of time. We must form an alliance where it is acceptable, or essential, to discuss our career hopes and aspirations with employers. With this comprehension we can cultivate experiences to match.

Education: We must never stop educating our personnel, literally every day. We must eradicate continued professional development and replace it with personal development. That’s not talking specifically about education related to their specific job, instead we should allow each individual to be the masters of their own destiny. For one hour every single day we should encourage, and pay, our staff to learn whatever it is they want to improve on. Spanish, computer programming or financial management, whatever it is they want to learn we provide the resources to allow them to do so.

We must believe and recognise the importance of the people at the heart of our businesses. We hope that it, in turn, ensures incredible customer service as a by-product. We must not just seek to provide a job, we must establish a culture where your life is enriched by your work. Our people must be at the heart of everything we do, and enabling them to progress in their lives enriches the entire business.

By actively seeking to bestow the skills upon our staff that enables them to leave we must hope that the job satisfaction, work life balance, opportunities, education and happiness makes them want to stay. In return we receive the serendipity of chance that development affords; we can water the seeds of innovation and nurture them as they flourish. Education leads to entrepreneurs who branch off on their own and whom we can form mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with because they still want to be involved with us.

Commitment: We must actively ensure our partners actually want to be here. You could practice ‘the offer’(thanks Zappos!) where if after completion of training the person no longer wishes to accept the job they are paid their first months wage not to do so. This ensures that only the people who want to be there accept jobs which is essential for efficiency.

Training: Fanatically train staff in the hope that customer satisfaction always remains high. The best companies hire for attitude and train for skill — this goes beyond education. We must unmercifully pursue competency and frequently ensure it, businesses slip when they get complacent. Procedures must be established which autonomously check the relevant standards are being met. This can be delivered remotely on a daily basis through technology.

Balance: Ultimately we must recognise the importance of our partners and enrich their lives during the time they are with us. If any employee leaves they should do so in a far more comfortable place than when they joined. Work is only one facet of your life; it should provide you with the opportunity to develop so you can enjoy and excel within every other aspect.

Welcome to Cleeyk

It is with great pleasure I introduce Cleeyk. It is my projection of everything required to enable a successful global platform with a thriving network of contributors and consumers. It is a democratisation of employment opportunities while quintessentially disrupting an established market dominated by monopolised high costs with little choice of alternatives. The world is so fractured in almost every element, particularly technology, and Cleeyk seeks to mitigate that. We hope to join those fissures while simultaneously producing better value for consumers enabling you to save while enjoying the same things you already have.

Massive value can be obtained through large bodies of individuals coming together which affords significant collective buying power. Cleeyk seeks to change the paradigm by bringing people together and providing the same service. Instead of negotiating on your own, you are doing so with widespread knowledge and the shared intelligence of a global network.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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