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  • Xuqian Zhang

    Xuqian Zhang

    A frontend developer who can not only do frontend development.

  • Denalyn A Namanama

    Denalyn A Namanama

  • Annie Kadavy

    Annie Kadavy

    work hard and be nice to people.

  • Nina Stepanov

    Nina Stepanov

    Increasing delta.

  • Dustin Dolginow

    Dustin Dolginow

    Thoughts on decision-making, fundraising and how they may evolve.

  • Nicole Seo

    Nicole Seo

    Founder of Mercury Constant, a new-age recruiting tech agency. Remote worker. Airstreamer. French Bulldog owner. Pastry chef. Hostess fanatic.

  • Fiona Abrams

    Fiona Abrams

    Life’s too short

  • Mercedes Bent

    Mercedes Bent

    Hard work is never overrated. Always curious.

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