Great post Evodie Fleury.

Check out Bob Lefsetz daily newsletter, will literally blow your mind with the diverse range of topics he covers. The a16z podcast is also a life-changer and give Angela Duckworths Grit a read. I’ve also constantly go back to Dr Seuss’ ‘Oh the places you’ll go’ and Machiavelli's ‘The Prince’. I also find a growing amount of my learning coming from Quora, which if you haven’t discovered already, is the most remarkable resource. I find myself learning something new everyday.

I have also loved every word of a few PDF available for free online: Non-violent struggle — 50 crucial point & Canvas core curriculum — a guide to effective non-violent struggle. They were written as handbooks to achieving political change and have toppled regimes from Egypt, Serbia and is being used in Syria now by utilising lego men, driving slow and banging pots. It gives a wider insight into revolution with links to alternative marketing.

If you are politically inclined I’d look into post-capitalism and Inventing the future; remarkable insight into how the world is changing and how autonomy will proliferate and change the workplace.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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