Hope it pulls back the curtain a little Emily Warna

We have been seduced by the allure of crypto for the most part, and that is certainly understandable. A currency which doesn’t depend on government control, isn’t detrimentally effected by government action and can be transferred across borders frictionlessly is excellent.

The blockchain however has the potential to permeate almost every area of your life. Land ownership registries in Africa, transfer of assets without intermediaries, trust between anonymous parties online – the blockchain enables and ensures an unprecedented level of trust in areas where trust is otherwise impossible. Honestly, I don’t think it’s hyperbole to believe blockchain will be the most reolvitionary innovation of web 3.0.

One question that I’ve seen arise in relation to this is ‘how is there no killer app’ for the block chain yet – If their were so many low hanging fruits why haven’t any been picked? Aside from the obvious – it takes time for disruptive innovations to proliferate – I ask in return ‘why did Uber take this long to appear?’ The most important innovation arise from a familiarity with possibility.

The blockchain is in it’s infancy. Nothing is more exciting than how it matures.

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