How Anyone Can Force their Way into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Top 1%

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In hindsight, would you have taken the above opportunity applied to the internet in 1996? That is the potential scale of this opportunity. Even if you don’t believe in Cryptocurrency or Blockchain what do you have to lose? At worst, a couple of hours spent educating yourself on the nuances of a potential revolution that many people far smarter than me believe to be where the next wave of technological evolution will emerge from.

I’m not going to spend this blog post trying to convince you that it is. Instead, I intend to suggest that taking the time to understand what those things from a first principal level will be the highest return on investment you can make of your time and how simple it is for you to achieve. It will take no more than 10 hours — the average person wastes that in front of a TV in 3–4 days. There are only 4 simple requirements:

  • 1 x book on Crypto
  • the Bitcoin whitepaper
  • 1 x book on Blockchain
  • 1 x Crypto transaction

Congratulations you are in the Top 1% most knowledgable people in the entire world about a technology that could revolutionize almost everything we have came to understand how the world works

Want to break into the top 0.001%?

I intend to spend the next 3 months creating a starter kit which exposes you to every part of these revolutionary technologies, from background and evolution through to advice on how to build your first blockchain or implement a smart contract.

We learn by doing and our method involves far more than simply telling you how they work — I will show you by putting cryptocurrency in your pocket and let you learn blockchain by using it.

We strip away the jargon and tell you in simple terms what blockchain is, what it isn’t, what it should never be used for and what it could.

Our mission is to give you the insights, experience, and skills needed to begin making those visions a reality. I will do that through a 10 step plan designed to expand your breadth of knowledge and expertise.

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