How Cryptocurrency Can Solve the Worlds Biggest Problems Today

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The world has a huge problem.

In previous generations, the worlds smartest people dedicated their lives to solving the most difficult problems affecting the world.

  • Steam engine led to the industrial revolution
  • the Atomic bomb led to the end of world war two
  • aviation made the world smaller
  • the internet enabled things were impossible
  • immunization eradicated innumerable diseases
  • the space race took us to the moon

Today, the smartest people in the world fuss over the color of like buttons on social media to make sure you click it more. They seek to develop new platforms which drain your attention in return for advertising dollars.

The smartest people in the world are working on serving the corporate greed we have increasingly grown to call master. AI may not be here yet, but it is an increasing thought in my head that large multi-national corporation effectively operates as if it is. Shareholder interest, benefits, and profits stand above what’s best for humanity.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain emerged as a decentralized remedy to it all. For the most ambitious goals for what the internet could enable to emerge, the internet as it currently exists must capitulate. We must evolve past advertising as the only means of generating revenue online. We must ensure micropayments can be made at such low friction and costs that they are possible.

The issue here is that there is no mechanism to fund this. The benefits are so diverse and far-ranging, it’s impossible to target any specific niche to pay for this upgrade of humanities operating system.

Individuals promising payment for the solution of the problems we collectively deem to be the most important.

How powerful would it be if you could pledge crypto to fund solutions for the worlds toughest problems, paid via smart contracts once proven.

  • Cancer cure? Billions
  • Fusion power? Billions
  • EM drive? Billions
  • End poverty? Billions
  • Eradicate climate change? Billions

The crowd dictates and funds what matters. Each individual contributes a tiny fraction of cryptocurrency which is only debited when the solution has been proven to be solved.

Solution rewards would be huge, incentivizing the smartest people in the world to work on the biggest most important problems and challenges today.

Crucially, they could work on these things in conjunction with their full-time salaried employment. This model outsources the identification, discovery, invention, and progress that the rest of humanity would benefit from.

It requires no credential for participation. It doesn’t care how old, what gender, color, religion you are. The mechanism rewards solutions as and when they are solved. The biggest problems would spawn teams of passionate individuals aching to enable progress who benefit from delivering it.

Anonymity could be maintained through collaboration software online. Participants needn’t ever meeting their peers. Contribution would be recorded in a distributed ledger maintained by every person taking part.

The current model of expertise being monopolized by academia would be destroyed. What would rise is a worldwide collective who’s only goal is to come together and do what nobody has done before.

If they do, huge spoils are directed to the victors. If they don’t the knowledge and expertise they have accrued is open sourced for the rest of humanity to benefit and improve upon.

This radical model of global participation pushes anyone to think about all the worlds problems. It quantifies the reward for solving the problem in a way that government grants and academic incentivization never can.

It opens the door for anyone to walk through. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rocket scientist or a car mechanic. Your credential doesn’t follow you to this domain. Each voice is equal in their appraisal of the situation with the volume of the people with the most valid hypothesis legible above the crowd.

Nobody is in control

That’s a future I’ll contribute Crypto to today

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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