How Cryptocurrency could Save the World and Why it Needs Someone Like Elon Musk to Lead the Revolution

Governments aren’t brave enough to lead the change that is required. The man with the maracas might be…

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Governments have used Nudge psychology for years, influencing our behavior unbeknownst to the majority of people. Could they incentivize you with micropayments in Crypto to take specific actions instead?

Instead of nudging us to act a certain way, we would instead be rewarded by acting in ways which were universally agreeable. The resulting implication would be a world where if you are a good citizen you are rewarded.

There is massive potential for this model to tackle a significant portion of the world’s biggest problems

We could incentivize people to recycle more, consume less energy, cut down fewer trees, use specific pieces of infrastructure that reduce pollution, the list is endless. Any actions which you can envision which is undertaken universally across the globe, for which the result is detrimental to the planet, or a nation, or a city, could be receptive to this model. It could be used as an incentive to pursue certain career paths or choose certain jobs. It could be used as a means to reward children for their performance at university/school. It could be a mechanism to reward public services who suffer the indignity of terrible wages for their selfless service.

There is massive potential for this model to enrich every person living in the developing world

We could pay individuals not to deforest their nations, whereby ensuring the oxygen on the planet doesn’t reduce. We could pay individuals to act in a specific way which reduces emissions. We could pay people to get rid of their waste in a certain way.

That’s what intrigues me about eCitizenship Embassy of Estonia. That’s why I’m fascinated by EstCoin. A cryptocurrency as a way to enrich good actors is revolutionary. The innovation is that each person can profit from their actions while the nation/world benefits collectively.

Whether this comes to fruition is another matter. But the potential is huge. Think of it as a chance to lift millions out of poverty in Africa simply by them behaving in a way which is collectively beneficial to the whole planet. A fund would be established which pays out if people act in economical and environmentally friendly ways.

Developed nations would initially have to fund this pot. every inhabitant on the planet is able to receive the same fractional payment if they meet specific conditions. Potentially the only way to ensure everyone adopts the same principals and works together.

The return on investment is a more prosperous, healthy planet with the increases in GDP which result from that offset the initial investment

Doesn’t matter if you are in Alaska or Azerbaijan, recycle 10kg of trash and receive 0.00000001 tokens per day. Doesn’t matter if you’re in Zambia or Zagreb, use under X units of electricity a day and receive 0.0000001 tokens per day.

The far more likely scenario is that only someone like @elonmusk would be bold and brave enough to pursue this

That’s what the world needs

The end to wars was due to the expansion of global trade and the free market. The next step is to provide a platform for which the entire world can collectively operate together in collective self-interest.

Taking this a step further, if our ultimate goals of becoming a multi-planetary species are ever to be realized, we need mechanisms in place which prevent our pilfering of another planet. A cryptocurrency is a compelling opportunity for this.

That is why Elon should be interested

Single-planetary economics is incredibly difficult. Multi-planetary economics will be almost impossible. A universal store of value is what is required. That could be bitcoin or it could be something as yet unknown.

Whether that is on this planet or others

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