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How Lawyers will be Killed by the Blockchain and not Machine Learning

I fear for all the professions

I’m not saying they never provided a quality professional service, I’m saying they had Carte Blanche to charge extortionate prices in a protected market.

When your moat is a 6-year degree and a 2-year traineeship it’s incredibly difficult to disrupt

Then here come the machines and they can read everything you have instantaneously, as well as every other law book every written

I studied architecture for 6 years without any real belief that was the direction I wished my career path to follow

Most of my classmates weren’t so lucky

They tried to enter a profession which is dying from the inside.

Make no mistake about it, this is a tremendous failing of universities as well

The block chain will be the grim reaper who comes for them first

No intermediaries, no disputes, only facts recorded for all to see. Any disputes are easily resolved by referring to the information recorded.

Only then, only if there is a problem or the trade is particularly complex, would a lawyer potentially be required

That is the beauty of the revolution — radical transparency

You can argue against this being true if you want

Smart-contracts and machines don’t care. They are only there when you use them. They have no ulterior motives

Until we decide to embrace the paradigm shift that may be thrust upon us anyway

It’s a big step

In many ways that is what review systems on platforms like Airbnb are already doing

Are you worried about your role?

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