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How People will Steal your Computer Processing Power and Why You’ll Like it!

Websites are using visitors CPUs to mine digital currency as a replacement for web ads and it is the most intriguing development I have read of in a while. This is mainly been done on illegal websites which cannot monetise through advertising due to Googles rules against profiting from pirate content.

OK — this might seem immoral

Like a lot of things that start online, what begins as borderline illegal often becomes mainstream. Innumerable instances of the next evolution of tech have from the cross hairs of government to the forefront of public consumption.

What started as Napster gave birth to streaming

Spotify can thank the flack, legal challenges and trailblazing that Napster took for the streaming revolution they have benefited from. Often, it only takes a slight tweak of an illegal model to establish a thriving platform which grows to take over the world.

Mining as an alternative method of monetisation

Could mining become the mechanism that enables micro payments for the consumption of all digital content on a global scale?

Everyone knows that getting paid for content is almost impossible — Patreon are trying one model and Medium are trying another — and that’s why mining based on the usefulness you find a website has the potential to be revolutionary.

Creators would get paid in the fraction of coins mined based on their audiences engagement with their content — the duration spent consuming

This would be revolutionary for creators by providing micro payments without the need for consumers to pony up any cash.

Everybody wins!

If people won’t pay for content, creators deserve to be rewarded in other ways

What do you think?

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