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How the 2020s will be the Remote Work Decade

12 Trends That Will Drive the Rise of Remote Work Globally

The office became a status symbol

White-collar jobs are seen as:

By 2029:

For remote work to increase:

1. 🌍 The Early Adopters

2. ✈️ First-Mover Advantage

3. 🏢 Large Enterprises React

4. 📍 Decentralization

5. 🎨 Diversification

6. 👨‍🔬 Bad Tech

7. ☸️ Productivity Explosion

8. ⚖️ Improved Balance

9. 🚀 Self Propelling Growth

10. ⭐ Specialist Leadership

11. 🛠️ Remote Tools

12. 🚄 Infrastructure

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