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How the Blockchain Could Stop People Being Murdered by Repressive Regimes

If 2016 was the year of the leak 2017 has been the year of the hack

Every other week there seems to be some major incident relating to a breach of security at some centralised focul point for user data. Whether that is at yahoo, Ashley Madison, or any other example you can think of, the problem is always the same. Data has been accessed by people who shouldn’t have.

That is the problem with centrally focused networks and servers. Their is an inherent flaw in their design. If encryption is broken the database is available in it’s entirety to exploit.

There is no decentralisation. A database is by design an entire collection of a specific thing. The problem isn’t in its purpose, it works exactly as intended, it’s problem is that the internet has evolved passed it’s effectiveness.

The blockchain isn’t only inevitable — it is essential

Central powers, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc., are already using our data and online personas to create mirror images of us which they use to sell us things and spy on us.

But the blockcahin can disrupt that and destroy it. Instead of tech companies exploiting us — we can become the masters of our online destiny. We can control the opportunity for other to inflict harm on us based on our online foot print.

The blockchain offers the chance for us to upload a program onto a platform and leave it to operate in our self interest. Instead of large tech companies creating avatars of who we are we can sell them the parts of ourselves that they would appreciate access to— or better yet rent them the data for a specified period of time. This ensures the data is never kept centrally within one companies database, instead our personal data remains dispersed and safely locked away behind encryption inaccessible at any one location.

Furthermore the security is even more effective than that. The blockchain allows a whole to be divided into multiple parts and dispersed to multiple addresses. Each aspect can be encrypted by a different private key, only accessible by those who hold them.

This will literally save lives

The blockchain offers the chance for citizens in countries run by dictators and oppressive regimes to remain safe. Journalists, entrepreneurs, literally anyone trying to stay above the law cannot fall foul of lapse practices by tech companies failing to protect our data.

Where previously these government could subpoena data centres and seize information, the blockchain allows these people to stay safe and remain anonymous. Where a government could subpoena Airbnb to take control of all its rental Data — a blockchain alternative would never be able to relinquish those things because all the information isn’t found on one central server.

The blockchain means you no longer have to trust a third part with your data. There is no central database to hack or leak. There are only individual peer to peer anonymous transactions whose safety is programmed into the blockchain protocol.

Not only are your transactions safer, but your data is as well, and any potential for repercussions of your actions are minimised to almost zero.

Trust is a vital by-product of participation on the blockchain. That’s not to say that we should complacent. Blockchain has a long way to go before it is the universally recommended means of protecting information. It’s merely in recognition that it’s utility and protection is already significantly better than what is currently available.

What next for the Blockchain?

The blockchain is the future because it will allow thousands or millions of people to collaborate in creating a venture and sharing the wealth it creates — distributing — rather than redistributing — wealth.

Where platforms have grown by enriching intermediaries who take a cut of every transactions Blockchains will emerge which replace every single one of these. That isn’t just a fact due to the improved costs available to the end consumer — it is an absolute certainty because of the increase in trust that can be achieved.

For an incumbent to be replaced by a new innovation the challenger must be an order of magnitude (10X) more effective or useful. The blockchain promises to be several orders of magnitude more effective.

Whats not to love about that?

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