How the Blockchain Will Conquer the World and Why History Shows Bitcoin Might not be The Revolution we Assume

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Before FB there was Friendster Myspace, before Google there was Yahoo What does that mean for Bitcoin?

In short, the first mover kicks down the doors to a new world but it rarely stays around long enough to dominate

What if the initial Cryptos are only a precursor to the actual innovation that is about to be thrust upon us?

Personally, I think that is the most likely scenario — they are laying the groundwork for massive disruption

That is a problem and something which needs to be solved as simply as Amazon removes the friction from purchasing consumer goods

The Future We are on The Brink of Exploring

Bitcoin mania is exposing vast swathes of the public to crypto who have zero understanding of the innovation. This isn’t a problem, yet

This is most likely because it is the thing that has already happened multiple times. Students are the most likely developers because they are the ones most affected by the current economic paradigm which they face. Student debt suffocating you? Escape fiat and embody the future you wish to participate in.

What stops a large network of people doing something radical?

It has taken a long time to get to this point, but it feels like crypto is asserting a new equilibrium. Once we realise we don’t need an intermediary to prop up currency — our propensity to trust intermediaries for anything will evaporate.

What’s required then is a method of exchange that enables transactions between individuals — thankfully that is the innovation of the blockchain. Crypto may be the thing that forms the exchange of value, but without the blockchain they would be worthless. At worst, we require a TransferWise like system which enables exchange of tokens without fees. If a system of review which builds trust through the rating of participants this can occur.

So no matter how high the price of BTC rises, we must focus on the actual innovation

Web 1.0 gave rise to internet

Web 2.0 gave rise to the giants who dominate it

Web 3.0 is distributed networks that take it back

Metered payments are huge

I would happily contribute a tiny fraction of crypto to a creator if I consumed his product online or used his service. Unfortunately right now there is no mechanism to do this outwith payment walls which add friction.

Remove all friction and enable higher frequency transcations

Interesting use case is every service you currently use, imagine more privacy, less adds and ownership of all the data you create.

Blockchain is the revolution that will enable this to be created

Crypto is what will enable you to be paid

That is where the next great company will emerge from, enriching creators in a way that rewards their contributions.

Who’s BUIDL’ing it?

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