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How to Advise Billion $ Companies and Change the Future of the World

Why a lack of skills or experience will never be enough to stop someone who believes their ideas matter

Ideas are everything to me — they have been my lifeblood for the last two years

Quickly, my ideas have grown in appreciation, gained acceptance, then traction and ultimately been implemented for millions of users across the globe to consume

It’s simple: if you don’t have any ideas you need to get some or outsource that task to someone who does If a business isn’t busy generating new ideas it is busy dying

Some of the biggest companies in the world struggle the most to develop new ideas

Think of every idea offered as a seed that can grow into something great which you could be a part of

Often it falls on deaf ears

If nothing happens I move on. I never offer examples of previous success because they are irrelevant

My ideas speak for themselves, are standalone and should always be judged as such. Previous successes may be indicative of future performance but one swallow does not make a spring

Dismissing an idea because it comes from the most unqualified source is even more stupid than pursuing an idea because it comes from your best employee

Ideas can come from anywhere or anyone at any time. They must be judged individually on their merits without and consideration for what external factors may create sway or bias in your decision

No person ever to have lived has the same combination of life experiences, knowledge and ideas as anyone else. Nobody see’s the world through your eyes except you. We all possess the same power and influence to shape the world we live in if only we are brave enough to share our ideas and embody the change we dream of

If you don’t have idea’s you need to find them, quickly

Its why small agile companies disrupt the established order of things

Data may be the new currency of big business but they lack the imagination to take advantage of these new insights

Our individualism is where our true value lies. If you can dream you can imagine a new world

Creating it is as simple as sharing your ideas with the people who can help realise them

Written by

CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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