How to Ask for Help When you Need it Most

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I’ve written a lot on Medium, recently crossing the 600 post mark. That means if you started reading right now you’d still be reading in 2 days time. That’s a lot of words spread across a diverse range of subjects and an even greater investment of time to cultivate coherent stories for people to enjoy.

At heart I’m a CyberPunk Futurist which is the string that run through all my work. I imagine the world in ways others don’t consider by dreaming of the implications of current and future technological trends. My words are my brush to paint the most vivid images for readers to consume. Sometimes it is clearer in some posts than others, often it evolves over time to become more refined, but each piece has sought to explore the limits of humanity and what technology means for each of us individually. By doing so I hope to unveil portraits which make people question their most basic assumptions about how the world works. That might be from an economic perspective, from the guise of demographic shifts in population cohorts or how we will use technologies that already exist in new more exciting ways. Other times it means projecting hard truths, like that the blockchain will kill off several professions.

On some level that must resonate, I’ve accrued over 30,000 followers and been read nearly 3,000,000 times since I began posting here. I hear regularly about the impact my words have had and the ways it has made people consider alternative futures they would never previously have conceived.

So the post title is how to ask for help when you need it most. This is me doing just that. I’m moving from Medium to Patreon. I’ve loved writing here but I’ve found it increasingly difficult to support myself. Writing is my only form of income while I build a startup that aims to reinvent banking, and a more stable means of doing that would make life exponentially easier.

All my new posts will feature on there to subscribed patrons. If you’ve found value in my words I ask you to check it out. If you are as fascinated about whether the future becomes some dystopian catastrophe or a utopian dream as me I think you’ll find tremendous value in joining with the other Patrons.

My Patreon is for people who want to help sustain my ability and freedom to think, imagine and create the future I dream of — liberated from commercial interests — by paying me a set amount of money every time I create something. The other options was to write more posts for products and services for payment and I don’t want to do that. It dillutes the quality of my writing and misaligns my intention with the readers. I want to keep creating original content which people find fascinating, this lets me do that for you.

So, whether you’ve been a fan of mine since my earliest thoughts found their way to the internet, you’ve read my articles on Hackernoon or heard me on a Podcast, check it out! I would love for you to join this community and see what we are doing and hopefully find value in being able to see more vividly the future we are about to participate in.

And if you’re already one of my patrons…THANK YOU for making this all possible.


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