How to Get What You Want More Effectively

Chris Herd
4 min readDec 20, 2018

Ask for it.

Too many people transiently drift through life accepting a reality that is prescribed for them to endure.

Instead of grabbing life by the horns and demanding it conforms to our expectations we consent to a life we have little control over. We are entirely complicit in our own lack of influence and instead of becoming the change we desire we remain silent out of fear for becoming a lone dissenter.

And you see it in relationships. People trade getting what they want for confort. They accept their current situation as the best things have been and the best they ever will get. We assume that by accepting what we have things might not get better but they definitely won’t get worse, until they do. People lose years not getting what they want and accepting less than what they deserve, almost everyone

You also see it at work. We let others talk over us and take the things we want instead of displaying confidence in our own abilities. We subconsciously submit to those above us by assuming they are the best person for the job when we know we are. Instead of getting what we let others dilute or consume our happiness.

And at school. We fear our own potential by refusing to strive to become the best version of ourselves. We are entirely self-defeating. Instead of unmercifully pursuing the things that we know will challenge us, we avoid the struggle and hence avoid stretching our capacity and potential. We don’t do this because we can’t, we do it because we know we can but fear the pain of not reaching the heights we dream.

I never truly worked as hard as I could have because that would have meant I had no excuses. Instead, I embraced the external factors as an explanation for my shortcomings. My potential was unconstrained but I purposefully sabotaged myself which allowed me to impose limitations. The excuses shielded me from the pain.

Our potential and what we can achieve is only constrained by a lack of imagination.

We are a product of our surroundings; we see what those around us are achieving and accept that as the absolute most that we can achieve or we put a preeminent figure on a pedestal and accept his limitations as our own. We get what we want by dispelling those…

Chris Herd

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