How to Improve Yourself Every day in 2017

I try to learn something new and make at least one improvement that makes me better at something every single day. It sounds daunting, but improvements don’t have to be huge, they can be really small which incrementally leads to huge change. Think improving just 1% each day and build upon that every single day. Doing so has a dramatic effect and will make us 37x better, not 365% (3.65x) better at the end of the year. Wake up every day and ask yourself what is the 1% improvement I can change to make myself better personally and professionally.

Imagine yourself making 1% changes every day. That compounds and will make you 37x better by the end of the year. Imagine if everybody was doing the same. Imagine how much better you. and the world will be next year.

Never stop learning

Do something different

Unmercifully pursue your dreams

Compete against people better than you.

Give yourself too little time

Remove interruptions

Set goals

Say no

Be more original

Put yourself out there


Record your ideas

Recording ideas is the single most important piece of advice I would ever give. What do the greatest people in the world have in common? Prolificness. Those who develop things which result in paradigm shifts are more likely to have worked on thousands of solutions than those who did not. They simply give themselves more opportunity to achieve greatness. You only need to be right once to change the world.

Don’t waste time

‘Swallow the frog’

In fact, lock email in a box and do the following:

  1. Only check emails once per day. Some of you may question how this is possible or believe it would force me to miss important messages through the day. In truth, it simply made me far more productive. It allowed me to focus on the task at hand more clearly and if anything did come up I started receiving phone calls which allowed me to tackle the problem quicker, easier and without the need for additional emails.
  2. Stop sending as many emails. It sounds simple because it is, but I was able to drastically reduce my emails received on a daily basis by as much as 40%. No more emails to emails that didn’t require a reply. No more emails to people I could phone and get an answer from in ten seconds. The freedom gained is truly invigorating.

If something that requires attention comes up someone will call; you wouldn’t email the fire brigade to inform them your house is on fire.

Recognise errors

Trust people

Congratulate and inspire

Who are you?


Be trusted, earn respect

Ask, don’t tell

Realise you can’t win arguments

Be honest

Never wait for things

Be prolific


It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, it only matters that you don’t the last time you try.

Here’s What I’m Building for 2017

We also review what you pay for your monthly subscription services in comparison to other users on the platform and negotiate on your behalf to reduce all your costs to the lowest price possible. Take a look at the prototype and tell me what you think!

CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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