How to Look 10 Years into the Future Today

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Good entrepreneurs see what people need today and give it to them

Great entrepreneurs imagine the boldest future and deliver products which transport us there as quickly as possible.

Vision is there greatest strength. An innate ability to see around corners and predict where the world will be in ten years. The irony is that they don’t predict is at all. The see that future and simplify it to such an extent that it becomes an inevitable series of simple steps to reach it.

Most people arent ready for the impression these people paint of the future world. Wider public is not ready for the quantum leap ready for such a dramatic change in behavior, expectations, and possibilities.

It’s what so many get so wrong. How many times have you heard that entrepreneur X invented product Y but they were simply 10 years too early? This is nonsense of the most ignorant type.

The greatest entrepreneurs in the world invented that technology in their most bold and ambitious dreams and recognized the world wasn’t ready for it yet. Their superpower is the ability to translate and understand what it is ready for and deliver that today. By exposing people step by step, they grow to trust and expand their openness to embracing radical change.

In the same way jumping from A-Z in the alphabet might be more efficient, it leaves out 94% of the relevant detail needed to tell the whole story. That is the story of evolution and progress throughout history. The extra detail is needed for the wider public to trust the path is safe.

We don’t just throw self-driving cars on the road and hope for the best. We're simply not reaching to embrace it or dispense with behavior we have come to expect as normal for a century. The tides of change are turning though.

Power assisted steering gives way to lane warning when you escape yours. Driver assists give way to cars that park themselves. Automatic breaking based on the cars speed in front of you gives way to cars that drive themselves on motorways. Before you know it we have arrived at vehicles who require no human input to take us from A-Z. B-Y were traveled in the past which remove the friction of future generations adopting things their grandparents look on at in disdain.

And that is the point. The world requires pragmatic dreamers capable of imagining things the vast majority of people would never accept today. We thrive on understanding simple steps dictated to us by visionaries who conceptualize moonshot visions which can be theoretically achieved.

The impossible is another thing altogether. Some people excel at selling a vision halfway to a moonshot vision which sounds achievable but quite typically turns out to be vapourware. This breeds distrust and suspicion of people who sell even more ambitious vision, but in reality, have the capability of realizing them.

That’s what makes this so hard. What and who do you trust? What are the significant reasons or signs which suggest what one person is saying is a possibility and another is a fraud?

The thing is at the start of the biggest, boldest, most ambitious ideas, you can’t tell if the founder is a visionary or a fraud.

There is little to suggest whether this project is the next Uber or the next Theranos.

My hope is that people continue to believe that the impossible today can be achieved tomorrow while continuing to compel the craziest people imagining ways to deliver to do so in ways the vast majority of people are ready for.

That’s hard

If we continue to believe

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