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How to Make a Career out of Your Imagination

Ideas are everything to me — they have been my lifeblood for the last two years.

In that time I have consulted on growth strategies for everyone from seed-funded startups through to tech unicorns. I have advised businesses in the restaurant and hospitality businesses, retail and alcohol industries as well as some of the most recognisable names in technology.

In that time my ideas have grown in appreciation, gained acceptance then traction and ultimately been implemented for millions of users across the globe to consume.

How can I get anyone, from small companies starting out to tech behemoths, to listen to my ideas? How do I get them to pay attention to what insights I have to offer or take any of my ideas or suggestions seriously?

The answer is simple: if you don’t have any ideas you need to get some or outsource that task to someone who does. If a business isn’t busy generating new ideas it is busy dying.

I offer ideas freely, without any preciousness or expectation that I will receive anything in return, directly to the CEO/Founder/Owner of any company that fascinates me. I don’t care how my offer is judged or perceived, whether they are binned or acted on, all that matters is that I have volunteered a perspective that could lead to the flourishing of something new.

Think of every idea offered as a seed which could grow into something great which you could become a part of.

Often it falls on deaf ears, if they aren’t willing to entertain the thought or have strong opinions I don’t argue my case or bore them with details of my credentials. I don’t get offended or push to be understood. I give a thorough explanation and allow the idea to germinate organically and grow.

If nothing comes of it I move on. I don’t offer credentials or examples of previous successes because they are irrelevant.

Dismissing an idea because it comes from the most unqualified source is even more stupid than pursuing an idea because it comes from your best employee.

Qualifications are worthless when measuring the potential success of ideas.

Ideas can come from anywhere or anyone at any time. They must be judged individually on their merits without and consideration for what external factors may create sway or bias in your decision.

That’s why I can get people to listen to my thoughts and ideas — ultimately they are the beneficiary. They have the most to gain from the unique insight and perspective I can offer.

No person ever to have lived has the same combination of life experiences, knowledge and ideas as anyone else. Nobody see’s the world through our eyes except us. We all possess the same power and influence to shape the world we live in if only we are brave enough to share our ideas.

Its why small agile companies disrupt the established order of things.

It’s why I, as an individual, can offer ideas that individuals internally are too scared to share. People inside think they have too much to lose. They assume their bosses will ignore them (with good reason, because they will.)

The value of knowledge has diminished significantly over the last few years due to the rise of the internet and the inter-connectivity of all things. Software is eating the world but the value of knowledge and information has been reduced to almost nothing. It is so freely available and in such abundance that its worthless.

Data may be the new currency of big business but they lack the imagination to take advantage of these new insights.

Our individualism is where our true value lies. If you can dream you can imagine a new world.

Creating it is as simple as sharing your ideas with the people who can realise them!

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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