How to Reclaim Your Time to do the Things you Love

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Every second you waste is one you’ll never get back.

Every moment spent doing something menial distracts you from the things that matter.

Every instant your mind is committed elsewhere you lose time with the people and things you love most.

And that is life’s most precious resource. We are all terminal, we are all living on borrowed time, but none of us knows how much of this finite resource we will be afforded, we simply must exploit every second we have to make the most of the life we receive.

Streamlining of you existence becomes essential. What are the things you need to do and what can be delegated elsewhere? What are things that sap your attention and needlessly steal the seconds you have each day? Extrapolating that further, what are the constituent elements of your daily/weekly/yearly routine that could be outsourced saving you time and effort?

We all have responsibilities; we all have things we must do in order to make our lives manageable, but what is folly? What truly is a waste of our time, and removal of which would not constitute a shirking of duty. Granted certain things are tied to wealth, how many of us can afford to neglect the washing up in anticipation of hired help taking care of it, but so many of the things we do could be taken care of for less than the cost it would take ourselves to do (cost meaning for less than the hourly wage you are paid yourself).

Life has become more, not less, busy with the rise of technology. Instead of smartphones lessening the burden of responsibility it has implemented new behaviours which distort our perception of the things that matter. We become seduced by the allure of the manicured lives of others portrayed on social networks distorting our own reality by comparatively judging our own lives detrimentally without cognition that people only share the best of their lives.

Life is about choices; namely the decisions we make about how to spend our time. Time is the greatest gift you can ever give or receive. The quality time and uninterrupted attention we afford other people correlates directly to our affection for them. The more time we give someone the more we care, we must relentlessly reject the things that disrupt and prevent that.

So what are those distractions?

Anything that you feel unnecessarily prevents you from achieving or doing the things you want to in any given day. Those vary significantly from person to person. My pet peeve could be your guilty pleasure. For every person who hates ironing another takes solace in the mindless serenity of their own thoughts. It’s about understanding who you are and what you value and eliminating the things that stand in the way.

Ultimately it often comes down to your propensity to sacrifice a small part of your salary in order to relinquish time and better use your most valuable resource. We can all outsource our laundry, get our grocery delivered or have our close ironed. Those minutes add up significantly, if we assume 45 45 minutes for laundry and ironing and 1 hour and 15 minutes for grocery every week we can save 143 hours every year or 6 days.

Everywhere you look there are opportunities to save time in exchange for money.

My vision though is different; it involves achieving this without the need to ever sacrifice salary. My biggest gripe is the research I must undertake each year for several products to ensure I am getting the best deal possible. Whether it is my mobile phone contract, my electric bills, my home internet bill, my car or home insurance or my subscription services I must waste an inordinate amount of time trying to ensure I am getting the best deal possible.

And we all do it.

We all compare in the hope of getting the most financially efficient package without ever knowing whether we are. We are only afforded the information that comparison site has been paid to give us. In many ways, comparison website are even more dishonest than traditional companies because they have an agenda. Companies pay to be elevated or recommended in their rankings skewing the trust and reliability of such services.

Imagine a service which is entirely free where you never have to compare anything ever again, it gives you the best deal possible through two mechanisms. It compares what you are receiving to a large network of existing users, which enables it to collectively bargain on your behalf, and it explores every avenue on your behalf.

It removes the unnecessary burden of having to phone every company and cancel auto renewal and enables one-click cancellation of any subscription services.

Without doing anything you are always assured of receiving the best deal. If anything changes you are notified and asked to approve the change with transparency of the cheapest, and next 3 best, option.

I discovered this problem sitting watching sport with my Dad one afternoon. Disgusted by the picture quality he phoned his satellite/cable provider and complained. He got round to the topic of cancellation when he informed the customer service agent he was paying £90/$113 for a service that didn’t work.

My jaw dropped as I realised he was paying 3x what I was for the same service. Telling him only riled him further and emboldened his stance. Eventually, he was able to get 6 months free and the remaining 6 months at £20/$25 for exactly the same service.

What deal are you getting?

And that is what I am creating. Shared intelligence with collective bargaining powers to get the best deal for our customers for all your services at all times. Democratisation of the lowest cost to consumers.

A life management system, all completely free, saving you money but far more importantly a significant amount of time.

Through the simplification of your monthly bills and subscriptions we seek to simplify your life and gift your time back.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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