How to Stop Being Exploited by Monthly Subscriptions

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How much money do you spend each month on subscription services?

Let me make the following assumptions:

Cable television: $103/85
Netflix: $7.99/£7.49
Spotify/Apple Music: $9.99/£9.99
Amazon Prime: $8.25/£6.50
Broadband: $65/£25
Mobile Phone: $50/£40
Total: $244.23/£173.98

Why do you pay those prices?

Because it’s the price you’re asked and expected to pay?

Because you doubt you possess the power and influence to obtain a more favourable deal on the basis you are only one person?

Or is it because we just accept the things we are told as fact and believe we are unable to influence certain things?

Truth is, nobody questions costs anymore, we accept the facts we are told as a fixed reality. We say things are expensive but pay it anyway, it’s too much hassle for the meagre saving you could make.

We may spend time negotiating with our service provider when our mobile phone contract expires, insisting our loyalty deserves something more, but ultimately the only thing we succeed in achieving is getting a minimal cost reduction which is less favourable than new customers receive.

The reduction might make us feel better for a moment but it isn’t fair. We’re continually exploited by each and every company we regularly engage with. That is a universal fact.

The assumption that we can’t influence or expect favourable treatment on the basis of each of us being independent, and negotiating anything would have to be conducted alone, is one that has grown in prevalence in recent years. It is a self-perpetuating myth that becomes cyclical, but it’s not true.

What can you do about it?

Cleeyk is a reaction.

It is born from my abject frustration at market economics which fails consumers.

They dictate that when a company buys more of the same product the producer’s margins drop in order to give a lower wholesale price, enabling them to achieve higher turnover with lower profitability. The purchasing company is then able to provide a product to market at the lowest price for consumers who would have paid far more for the product had they bought it directly.

But this is not true for subscription services. The price is set and you can either accept it or move on.

When was the last time you negotiated a reduction in a monthly subscription? Like most people, as many as 4 in 5, the answer is never.

But for the other 1 in 5 they achieve significant cost savings. When others are paying £85/$103 a month for cable TV they pay £37/$49 for exactly the same service. The same is equally true for mobile phone contracts.

Cleeyks purpose is to democratise this, achieving better value on your behalf with the added benefit that you have to do nothing to receive it.

When more of us buy the same products or subscribe to the same services we do not gain the same advantage a company does, we do not wield the same power because we act alone. We’re not incentivised to unmercifully pursue minimal costs as we are not accountable to investors. Instead, we spend more of our hard-earned cash than is necessary.

The fact is we are playing their game by their rules when they should be dancing to the tune of the customers they serve.

If Amazon is google for products, Cleeyk seeks to become the Facebook for commerce.

Alone we are weak, together we are strong.

What if instead of companies becoming monopolies, humanity worked together in mutual self-interest in order to achieve a reduction in expenditure?

Cleeyk seeks to answer these questions.

Technology has enabled co-operation and organisation on an unprecedented scale. A platform which enables people to work together would evolve to become the most powerful and influential tool for consumers to extract fair value.

Cleeyk seeks to become that platform.

We are influential and able to get the best price possible but only in so far as the power each of us has individually.

Cleeyk inflates your influence by several orders of magnitude.

Anecdotally, its purpose is the following: if me you and ‘Bob’ are subscribing to cable TV, each of us pays the same price. If we cooperate and collectively bargain could we achieve a more economically viable price?

Perhaps not with 3 people, but should that number be hundreds/ thousands/ hundred of thousands/millions… it becomes impossible to ignore.

And it’s not just cable TV. It’s every subscription service. It’s every product you can buy. It’s your entire financial life and future.

Cleeyk will change that.

It’s about establishing a massive platform to exhort maximum influence.

Cleeyk will become that.

Register at today and see how much you could save.

Believe you can benefit from Cleeyk? I’d really appreciate if you clicked the ❤ below to share it with others we could also help!

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