I disagree to an extent as well, but it’s more a reaction against the post rationalisation which seems to suggest everything was an inevitability. I think the certainty that most publications press upon readers does a massive disservice to prospective entrepreneurs because it erects unnecessary barriers to participation by making it seem if you have doubts you shouldn't do it.

Doubt is an essential element, critical even, as is lack of clarity of certainty. That is where the opportunity arises from in the first place. The earliest days of startups are incredibly chaotic. You don’t know where you will work on, what to prioritise, or what will move the needle. I’d argue that even if you have done this before, I have, everything is the same but massively different. Time changes, technology evolves, business models no longer work.

You know what steps must be taken to establish the company, what is less clear is the path to traction. That is the exciting part and the reason the headline of the article is posed the way it is.

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