It’s Already Too Late To Avoid being Controlled by Artificial Intelligence

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You can’t stop the inevitable.

Like a runaway train on a limitless track, there is nothing you can do.

Artificial intelligence already has everything it needs to manipulate your behavior, emotions and alter your choices. Whether it does for nefarious purpose or is benevolent to our fate is the only thing that remains unclear.

But it’s too late.

And it’s already being done before the Artificial Intelligence which will do it far more efficiently even exists. The program which knows you better than you know yourself — and plots to alter your perspective, opinions and beliefs ensuring you do it’s bidding — might still be years away.

But the platform to do it has been here for a decade.

And it’s already being used for that purpose.

It’s not my job to convince you that it’s happening. It is. Right in front of your face. It’s your choice whether to believe it. It’s been used to influence the outcome of elections and it’s being employed to convince you of things that you don’t believe strongly. It’s been shown to possess the power to alter our emotional state at will.

That’s just the start.

Facebook understands who you are better than you ever will.

It knows the buttons to push, the content to force down your throat, and which messages to serve in which order for maximum effect. The myth of freedom is being tested more now than at any point in human history, yet instead of revolting against the evidence we have already seen, we allow it to insidiously affect us even more as we are increasingly convinced those who hold alternative opinions to our own aren’t just wrong, but evil.

Our problem is that we are too divided to recognise the problem and too invested in technology to avoid it. We have sealed our own slavery, while it is sold as the greatest liberator in history.

The mantra of connecting the world’s been repurposed by each generation as a means to mobilise humaniety towards common purpose. Those people who have understood those implication best, have used it to divide and distribute ideology that has led to the most horrific atrocities we have suffered.

Zuckerbergs crusade is no different in its ideals, where it differs is in its ability disseminate information. They have the power to curate which information is given to which people at the same time, creating a platform which can be used to purposefully divide a nation into two distinct camps magnifying hate.

More than that, they can test which message resonate most powerfully and alter it innumerable times to drive more extreme reactions. When your business model dictates that attention and engagement drive profits you can’t help but magnify and mobilise the most extreme ends of each spectrum.

Artificial intelligence already has its nuclear bomb.

Once it understands how social media is employed by humanity, to enslave people who are oblivious to the effects it is having on them and actively welcome the feeling that it inspires, it will exponentially increase those effects and employ them to help further its mission — whatever that may be.

But this is nothing new?

Newspapers did it, the radio increased it, television improved it, now social media perfects it. Each form of media has furthered the ambition of the next generation to influence the outcome of the things that matter to us most.

Sometimes it is used for good, often it’s employed for propaganda.

Make no mistake though, till now we have been at the mercy of the person who held the biggest microphone. The effect on us was determined by whether we heard the message and how frequently. We could escape it.

Technology means there is nowhere to hide, that your response is measured and the message is improved for maximum effect.

I don’t have any answers or solutions.

And that scares me.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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