It’s prehistoric in the sense that is is out of date, at this point its a debate about the semantics of meaning. You can’t reasonably argue it is the present or the future, it’s no longer the primary form of exchange, it’s out of date. You’re completely misrepresenting my point.

If you look at the volatility of gold VS bitcoin over the last year it’s less volatile than I suspect you imagine. There are a number of currencies which are more volatile in that same period.

But the saving in your bank are not worth the same amount as when you deposited them. Inflation means £1 today is worth more than £1 tomorrow. That is the problem with inflationary currency. Quantitative easing makes that even more problematic, where governments literally printed money, devalued the £1 in your bank and increased taxes.

Huge losses are a product of recency bias. £1 of Bitcoin deposited in 2009 after the financial collapse would look great against the £1 you put in your bank on the same day…

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