Joao Daniel Escoto thanks for your comment.

I don’t think it is impossible as you suggest. At the end of the day decision making is simply computation, 1 and 0’s, yes and no, action or no action. Consciousness is a different matter entirely, but if we can replicate exactly the processes our brain takes I think it is absolutely guaranteed we will have copies of ourselves in the cloud. Morally that may raise questions, but I have no doubts that it will occur.

The information is contained within our synapses, it is our ability to link thoughts will feeling which provides the opportunity for human level reasoning. If a computer is able to form these ‘neural networks’ thought will effectively occur. It’s not the matrix, it is an upgrade from our current limitation. Time dissolves from being a limiting constraint as does regression. Capability is no longer measured by the limitations enforced on your physical body, but extended to the possibilities of the android you inhabit.

Language is an arbitrary instrument of communication. Upload to the cloud allows you to instantaneously know. Talk is replaced by instantaneous knowledge. I don’t think that without language there is nothing, I think without knowledge there is. Evolution doesn’t stop with the advent of speaking. If a computer can converse with you is it more or less conscious than an animal?

The piece isn’t depiction of what will definitively occur, rather an explanation of what is possible out-with the assumed path we are on. VR isn’t the end. Upload has too many advantages not to occur. Whether that is within our lifetimes is another matter entirely.

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