Kieron, appreciate the comments. Love to get feedback on how the vision is/is not being conveyed.

To break down the 3 initial benefits of Nexves:

  1. Ownership of the investment fund

Instead of receiving interest on the money in your account, you receive tokens which entitle you to fractional ownership of the investment fund. At the end of each month you receive the % of the tokens created equivalent to what % of the total money on the platform you have. The benefit to this is that the average person receive around £80 interest a year on their standard current account. On Nexves, if the investment fund is even moderately succesful, the first 10k users will receive on average £8,000.

2. Platform intelligence

While banks possess more financial data on us than any other institution, what do thy do that benefits you? Where they could tell you how much you pay for the same service in comparison to other users, they don’t and you continue to pay more than you need to. We will analyse all your monthly recurring expenses and tell you how much more you are paying than the person who pays the lowest amount on the platform. Eventually we will negotiate these costs down on your behalf, and renew your services and insurances at the lowest price possible without you having to do anything.

3. Earn by acting in mutual self interest

Imagine the power of 10,000 people asking their supermarket to stock a product, or 100,000 people sharing a message on their social media. That is the power and influence we are seeking to harvest. By acting in a way that benefits your investment and grows the return you will receive, you also get paid in tokens entitling you to higher returns when the investments are succesful.

4. Future expansion

Those are the 3 initial spokes that will extend from the hub of your Nexves account. From there we imagine it becomes a key piece of infrastructure enabling a more decentralised internet.

Obviously the network effect of additional users enables the overall vision for the platform.

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