Maybe, but I can’t remember the last time I used cash. Debit or credit cards, sure, but increasingly I don’t even have to use plastic. I would guess 99% of the things I pay for are through apple pay at this point.

At that point my question is this: do you think it’s fair your barman (assuming he is the owner of the public house) should have to pay 2.3% + 30p for every pint you buy? What about the girl giving you the massage, is it right she has to pay for banking facilities just to hold her money or for every deposit? Assuming she pays taxes and has the required accounting in place, that is anyone who runs a business in the UK (granted there are ‘free’ accounts, but they pay in other ways).

I appreciate the sentiment that crypto is a bubble, but what of gold? Its volume in existence has grown steadily since antiquity, around 2% but we have accelerated the growth of FIAT (cash) via the means of ‘fractional reserve banking’ way beyond that. Our money is underpinned by nothing but the collective belief in its myth of value. Since 1971 (really 1931) no currency in the world has been backed by any asset or commodity. The 2008 financial collapse pulled back the curtain on how unstable this whole system is.

Simultaneously we are in a situation where the population is aging. The young can’t buy homes because the prices of property have risen so dramatically. The youth and future generations will have it even worse. We will be forced to subsidize the elderly as work deteriorates while paying a multitude of taxes. Do you think it’s right we pay for a party we never attended? That’s basically what's happening. Wages are stagnant, austerity has not abated. Cryptocurrency provides one avenue of equitable value for our time. I’m not saying it’s the only one. I’m not saying it will win. I’m saying I understand why it appeals to people who are nothing but batteries which ensure the economy continues to power along.

What of quantitative easing where governments around the world pressed a button and the actual value of the money in your pocket was devalued significantly? They can take the arbitrary or unilateral decision to do this at any point.

Money is a fundamental human right. It is the thing that lets us stipulate the value of our time, and enables us to participate in an economy by using it as a medium of exchange.

Cash is still very much everywhere, just repeating that it’s still the best way to exchange value doesn’t make it true.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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