Millenials must Engage with Politics or Accept Being Exploited

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Young adults of Britain must organise ourselves in order to exert influence on the future development of this country or be forced to accept decisions that we don’t want but are prescribed to us and that we must accept.

In the days that have passed since the referendum, I have heard all manner of blame laid at the door of a majority who voted for something new and how the elderly have let the future of the country down. That couldn’t be further from the truth and is merely shirking responsibility for non-participation, the turnout figures for people aged below 29 attest to that; the figures are an abomination. It is an evasion of obligation born from being lied to, taken advantage of and forgotten about. Millennials let themselves down, there is nobody else left to blame.

The Brexit vote profoundly affects the relationship Britains young have with politics. We are completely disillusioned with politics and fed up with the garbage we are being fed. The younger voters of the country have no affiliation with any party.

We weren’t affected by the strikes of the 80’s, or affected by the poll tax, therefore, our preferences aren’t coloured by our parents’ perceptions. We are free to decide for ourselves. We don’t trust politicians because they don’t represent us. We feel ignored and exploited. We contribute to the economy but receive nothing in return. We have been lied to, cheated and used.

We can’t afford housing; we will be forced to work longer in order to fund the pensions of the generations who are benefitting financially from their homes rising in value keeping them from our grasp. They benefit twice for the same thing. The growing elderly population are being serenaded by today’s politicians because they are the demographic most likely to vote. This must stop and the only way to do so is through participation and demand for change.

The referendum must act as a wake-up call for our generation where we realise the cost of non-participation.

Instead of aligning ourselves with a party indicative of our social standing or beliefs, Brexit tied to the impending ageing population time-bomb will see our personal interests more aligned with our own demographic regardless of gender, religion or orientation. A new politics must emerge. It must be divorced from the currently model of an incestuous political elite, educated at the same schools, by the same teachers in the same areas of the country.

Politics must again represent the people and have empathy with the problems they face. If you don’t understand the questions how can you possibly provide the answers? I think a new system must emerge which engages millennials. Technology must be utilised to connect, enable idea sharing and engage people.

What we have inherited is an antiquated analogue system which is incompatible with today’s digital world. Establishment of a platform which operates in a manner similar to Reddit or Survey Monkey, while allowing the transparency of twitter and the availability of material like facebook must evolve.

It must allow ‘politicians’ to connect with and engage a younger audience through technology like Snapchat or youTube, evolving past nonsensical party political broadcasts and conferences politicians’ parents surely can’t even stand.

To engage a new audience we need to cultivate a platform which understands the world it operates within. It needs to escape the robes of pageantry that have shackled it to the past and reflect the cultural identity of who we are today.

Policies could be uploaded to the platform, crucially by absolutely anyone, and voted upon by the users. Those which are most successful would be carried forward and championed by the leaders having been selected by the platform. What would grow is an instantaneous democracy which includes users by notifying them when an issue needs to be voted on.

The platform would be entirely neutral and provide every side of the argument simultaneously in articles alongside the vote creating an informed and educated debate on each and every decision. Sensationalised tabloid journalism, stirring up hate, fear and a broader lack of acceptance would be suppressed and disregarded. Questions would emerge from the debate which would be answered with accuracy, honesty and sincerity, rejecting the current system which accepts disingenuous half-truths as fact.

This would significantly reduce the resentment of the current political system and politicians as everyone understands the process involved. Policy wouldn’t just be arrived at by one man in an Ivory tower telling us how we should all live.

The system doesn’t fit any Political Parties currently in existence, it would require the birth of new parties and new ways of thinking. The policies and decisions would not be dictated by the historical precedent set by the parties predecessors. It would not play host to any political dinosaurs with archaic views desperately trying to cling to power and shape the future. It would current and true of current trends and reflect societies requirement. It would create parties of the people for the people.

Change isn’t just a possibility it is a necessity. Technology and connectedness have lapped the current bureaucratic system of legislation which reacts too slowly to make crucial decisions which affect us every day and shape the future.

Look at the rise of Uber and Airbnb and how governments around the world have struggled to keep up with innovation and technological development.The mesh of the peer economy is going to continue to entwine itself within the fabric of everyday life. Politics and decision making can either embrace is or be replaced by something which hasn’t yet been conceived.

There are no guarantees in life expect that things which fail to grow will eventually wither and die. Millennials must lead the way in this new exciting world or be forced down a route to slow, tedious oblivion prescribed to us by our predecessors making decisions for their own self-benefit. We can either emerge as a new voice at the table or continue to ignorantly accept what is decided in our absence bear the consequences.

It’s our future which will be decided with or without us.

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