Money for Nothing — The Advent of Unconditional Basic Income

Chris Herd
7 min readMar 15, 2018

What would you do if you never had to work another day in your life? That’s not an easy question to answer but take a second and seriously consider what would you do with the rest of your days. It’s the thought of many people but nobody really know what they would do. How would you use the opportunity of such ubiquitous and unadulterated free time?

Would you pursue enlightenment or frivolously waste it? That would, of course, be your prerogative but thinking about it brings a whole host of interesting feelings and considerations.

Imagine then a world where the government pays every single adult the basic cost of living, regardless of whether you are rich, poor, employed or unemployed. Crucially, everyone gets exactly the same amount with absolutely no strings attached.

You literally get money for nothing

The stigmatised system of welfare and benefits would be eradicated instantaneously and replaced with the means for life.

There are also several additional unintended positives as well: it offers women, forced to endure abusive relationships unable to escape due to dependence, an route to self-reliance and financial independence. Public health is improved as the stresses of employment are negated entirely and people are able to focus on their health as populations continue to age.

This isn’t just a dream

It has been trialled across the globe on multiple occasions throughout history and is again gaining traction with our political leaders. In fact, almost all of the political parties are signed up to the thought of it in principal. As the welfare state underpinned and defined politics of the 20th century, this new idea, dependent on technological advancement, has the potential to define the 21st.

Universal basic income

I realise it may appear to be a dream perpetuated within an idealist utopia but the general premise of it is spreading like wildfire in mainstream politics. Initially favoured by the left the idea has migrated towards the centre and is being trialled across the globe. In the UK, the Green party has supported a variation of this initiative for decades and…



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