Money, Greed and The Meaning of Life

Chris Herd
6 min readJul 10, 2018

People do astounding things for money; they subject themselves to heinous conditions, participate in the most degrading circumstances and waste their most precious resource, time, in the pursuit of it.

The adage that money makes the world go round is the saddest reality of life.

On a planet where the poor could be lifted from the depths of despair through simple monetary investment but aren’t speaks of the greed intrinsic within the human race.

We see the richest among us giving back when they become octogenarians as a means to alleviate their guilt from the opulence and wealth they have selfishly hoarded and they expect adulation. They are given it through knighthoods and recognition whitewashing over the child labour and squalid conditions their factory workers in Bangladesh operate under.

How can the wealthiest elite watch the lifeblood of clean water flow from their gold plated taps while cognisant of the millions of children dying from water-borne diseases in another country?

If you are giving back you have already taken too much.

Money is greed. Psychologically it shackles us and forces us to make irrational decisions.

It is more easily available than heroin but far more addictive.



Chris Herd

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