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My Manifesto to Change the World

It doesn’t matter what you do, only that you are willing to stand up and be counted. Too many people are willing to talk the talk without ever taking the first step. Stand up and take a leap of faith, I dare you.

You can talk about doing something all you want but unless you shut up and act your hopes and dreams will forever remain a figment of your imagination. The first step is the hardest because it is the most alone, it’s the one that draws the most criticism. Your second step will help you realise how little you care.

Life is about moments of action, you can either do something or nothing at all. Everybody wants to be the superhero who is remembered for achieving something of significance, nobody wants to wade through the years of shit that are required to get there.

We see the success not the person; we see the destination not the journey. If you’re not willing to endure the hardships on the expedition you won’t ever enjoy the pleasure of getting there because you never will.

We sensationalise success and denigrate those who fail to achieve it like they are the pretenders. In any book if you try you should never be criticised, you should be revered and admired.

The world doesn’t need more arm chair charlatans, it needs more wanderers, explorers and dreamers willing to take a risk. Human progress has only ever been enabled by those who take chances, those who are willing to go against the grain, bet big and risk it all. If you fail you may not have won but at least you played the game.

Back seat pretenders who’ve never had a stake in the game are the worst type of people. They’ve never had their neck on the line but they are the first people to chop for yours. Laugh at them, they’ll never feel the thrill of the chase, the ecstasy of achieving everything you have set out to achieve or the agony of defeat. The highest highs and the lowest lows are what it means to be alive.

Melancholically drifting along through life is a recipe to be forgotten, you won’t even be vanilla or a footnote to humanity. You’ll converge into the background noise of life and be forgotten. The alternative is to scream from the rooftops and be the change you demand.

Be brave and bold and make decisions, what’s the alternative? If you experience life instead of controlling your destiny you will always be disappointed. How long do you have to waste? Waiting out for things to improve can mean a lost decade. It can be a job or a relationship, it doesn’t matter the same applies.

Don’t fear the outcome fear the alternative if you do nothing. Doing nothing is an option. Accepting the way things are as the way they will always be is the most dangerous thing you can ever do in life.

Take chances. When things become stale challenge yourself or learn something new. What is the last thing you learnt? You should be able to answer that instantly. If you’re not learning you’re falling behind. The future is coming for you and it comes in the form of better skilled completion or automation.

You can fight the future or embrace it. We are conditioned to fear evolutions of technology but it is inevitable. If it saves money it will eventually come irrespective of the detrimental impact to humans. That’s economics folks.

Explore the things you don’t know, enable your existing knowledge to be impregnated through experimentation. Let thoughts germinate and cross pollinate ideas leading to an explosion of new knowledge. Challenges your assumptions, obliterate your preconceived beliefs and eliminate the stereotypes you hold dear they are holding you back.

Talk to people. We no longer talk enough. We have more acquaintances online but less friends we can rely on. Reach out to new people and share ideas; you might solve all their problems.

The world has shifted and became an ideas economy. Knowledge is effectively free. Everything you don’t know is at the tip of your fingers a click away. Ideas though are priceless. Nobody has you brain or your experience or your thoughts. We underestimate the value of our uniqueness. Nobody else is like us and nobody ever will be so exploit it.

The world is your oyster. Everything you see was created by somebody else. Were they any smarter than you? Probably not. The reality is you can create things for people to use to. You can shape the world; you can change it and form it to your will.

If only you are willing to take the leap.

Here’s What I’m Doing

I’m building Cleeyk; a lifestyle management system alleviating life’s biggest annoyances; wasted time and effort. It removes your need to worry about insurance renewals and monthly subscription services, ensuring you never talk to another call centre or haggle on price again. Your services renew automatically at the most cost efficient price meaning you never have to search or compare.

We also review what you pay for your monthly subscription services in comparison to other users on the platform and negotiate on your behalf to reduce all your costs to the lowest price possible. Let me know what you think.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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