Politics, Bloody Hell! — A Brief History of the Future of British Politics

If you are an unelected Prime Minister, count your blessings that you have a majority leadership position and the support of your party.

This was an exercise in human greed, pure and simple.

But the youth of the United Kingdom stood up and were counted, that should be the story of the day. That we witnessed an erosion of class and geographical loyalty to parties, and the birth of age group aligned voting is momentous.

This isn’t a victory for Jeremy Corbyn either, he didn’t win. But he certainly never lost and in politics that is the most important thing.

The reality of the situation is that the Tory’s brought this upon themselves. They invited this judgement and they have no option but to face the consequences as a party and as a nation.

To recklessly chase an increased majority when they already had a comfortable one and is laughably inept. Excuse me of my age, but if this isn’t the worst decision in politics, in terms of creating your own problems, I have absolutely no idea what is.

This is a meltdown of epic proportions and it should be recognised as such.

The government took a risk and they lost, every time you spin the wheel you have the chance of coming up empty handed.

They did.

They willingly surrendered a strong negotiating position for the Brexit Deal, which happens in less that two weeks(!!!!!!!), for the most egotistical of reasons. They gambled with the fate of the country due to arrogance. That is despicable.

And don’t forget the other implications.

This was a day of reckoning for MP’s of all parties. Clegg, Rudd and Salmon you took a hell of a beating.

And there stands Jeremy Corbyn.

He who has had barely any support within his own party but was able to overturn one of the largest deficits in history.


I don’t know what or who that is a bigger indictment of,:

  • The Conservatives
  • Teresa May
  • Brexit
  • Anything else you care to imagine.

Labour was ready to cut off its nose to spite its face, but as fate would have it the nose now has one of the strongest oppositions of recent memory.

This was a backlash of the young against the old. MP’s and the older generation mocked us as the generation who do nothing, well we stood up and showed we care.

The turnout proves this. So does the rise of the left. The selfish label bandied at millennials has been unequivocally revoked, in the most startling of fashions.

Make no mistake, this is a landmark day for British Politics. Parties must now recognise the young going forward otherwise pay the price. For too long we have been exploited and forgotten about. We are a generation who will inherit and unfathomable pension bill, while struggling to purchase homes for ourselves because the people we are subsidising expect a fortune for their properties. That’s before you factor in the implication of automation for job prospects.

This is the a new generation, and there will be a new demographic order.

For the first time in history there are more people over 65 than under 5.

If the young don’t form a movement and stick together they will be forced to cover the cost of the unimaginable while watching our prospects dissappear. This is a reaction and a damning one at that.

Finally, this is the death of new labour. Whatever remained of Blair and the gang was extinguished last night. There will be no return to those times.

If the story of the last few years has been inward looking nationalism this may show indication that the people of tomorrow will not accept that. This was the youth taking control and exercising their rights.

This was a vote for hope.

The markets might tumble, the £ may drop, the old will deride the young for screwing up brexit.

And they will retort, you won’t be here to face the consequences anyway!

The young stood up and were counted. The older generation must face the same reality forced down our throats — the country has spoken.

Deal with it.

What are the Remoaners now?

It’s also worth recognising the implications of the vote in Scotland as well. Brexit mandate not only suffered a massive blow, but the calls for IndyRef2 must surely evaporate.

Penny for Sturgeons thoughts.

The irony is that a lot of the damage caused could have been avoided if the youth had turned out sooner.

Better late than never.

One final thought. How different would British politics, and indeed potentially the world, be had David Miliband won the leadership instead of his gormless brother?

Today is the day the future of the country finally recognised our responsibility.

Now we must walk forward together.



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