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‘Premium Bonds’ for Millennials — How Your Money Will Earn CryptoTokens in the World’s Most Innovative Venture Fund and Let You own Part of The Next Uber

My money sits dormant in my bank account accruing a dismal rate of interest which offers no opportunity to make any significant financial return. I have no easy, safe or secure way to achieve outsized returns.

When I was growing up one potential avenue for this was premium bonds. Your money remained safely tied up, while you had the opportunity to ‘win’ a windfall in a monthly lottery. Every dollar/pound you had in your account equalled 1 ticket to win a prize. Some people I knew ‘won’ a few thousands.

I never won anything which highlighted its problem

Anarch takes this model and extends the potential rewards exponentially while striving to be far more equitable in the share of profits — meaning you are guaranteed a return. Everyone is a winner each time there is a return.

Every month you accrue a CryptoToken, equal to the amount you have had in the account for the previous 30 days in comparison to everyone else. If we both had the same amount of money in the account we would get the same fraction of tokens. If you had 10 times as much as me you’d receive 10 times as many coins.

These coins entitle you to a fraction of any future profits that the investment fund achieves. The payment model couldn’t be simpler. At a point of future liquidity for a company invested in, I.e. it is sold or acquired by a competitor, your % of tokens will equal you to the same % of the profits.

Should you own 0.1% of all tokens and the funds ownership stake in a company was sold for £/$100m — you would received £/$100k

And that would be for one company. Your tokens will continue to return as long as you own them, paying out each and every time there was a liquidity event in the fund. Sales and acquisitions put money directly in your pocket.

Unless you sell your tokens in the secondary market

You tokens are an asset, who’s value can be calculated by the size of the investment fund, the equity position in companies and the funds history of returns. People have the opportunity to speculate on the coins and sell them at a price determined by a secondard market which sets a fair market price.

This lets you influence the outcome of investments

The internet has enabled collaboration on an unprecedented scale. This fund is the first in the world which enables investors to collectively act together for the mutual benefit of a fund where there actions directly impact the financial return they can see in the future. This fund lets every single person lower the customer acquisition cost for every startup in the portfolio giving the most innovative and revolutionary companies reasons to choose Anarch as their investor of choice.

As a by-product of investment Companies in the portfolio get a large network of supporters who are directly invested in the companies. Imagine 55,000 people assisting every new company invested in grow. If it was a consumer product they could all go to their nearest supermarket and demand they stock a certain product. If it’s an app they could all post a link for downloading the service to their Facebook profiles.

That is the promise of this new system

‘So I could get a fraction of ownership in potentially the next Google by risking no money and the only catch is that I don’t get interest’


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