Remote Work Is Here to Stay

The Office is Dead.

Chris Herd


The rise of a global pandemic accelerated certain trends by over 10 years. Remote work, in particular, has been forced upon millions of workers who have now experienced the tremendous benefits first-hand.

Fortunately for people whose companies would never have considered remote working prior to COVID, they now know the pro’s massively outweigh the cons. This practice will be far more efficient in the long run and mean we’ll never return to office-first working in the future.

I had the good fortune of being a remote worker prior to COVID. I evangelized the benefits widely due to the massive quality of life increase I received as a result of it. The vast majority of people are looking forward to continuing to work remotely after COVID due to how successful it has been. Every leader I talk to suggests they have not seen any reduction in productivity.

The appeal of the office.

Better Communication

“Communication will always be better in person!”. According to some, not going into the office means that communication suffers. Zoom meetings mean you lose the nuance of human connection.

What people have realized while working remotely is that although in person may be better than remote communication, it’s only marginally better. While not having to commute 2 hours for a 30-minute meeting outweighs the benefits of in-person meetings. Better communication is overblown.

Serendipitous Moments

Office workers chastize the loss of ‘water cooler moments’ or reflect fondly on the times they solved world hunger in the corridor having accidentally stumbled into a colleague where the planets aligned and the solution coalesced instantly.

The reality is that if your company solves all its problems by luck — ‘by accident’ — its processes are broken.

It’s not competitive.


The real estate cost for a company to provide an office space is $20,000 — $50,000 per year, PER WORKER. The cost to provide the best remote work experience on the planet is $2,000 per year, PER WORKER.



Chris Herd

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