Remote Work Is Here to Stay

The appeal of the office.

Better Communication

“Communication will always be better in person!”. According to some, not going into the office means that communication suffers. Zoom meetings mean you lose the nuance of human connection.

Serendipitous Moments

Office workers chastize the loss of ‘water cooler moments’ or reflect fondly on the times they solved world hunger in the corridor having accidentally stumbled into a colleague where the planets aligned and the solution coalesced instantly.

It’s not competitive.


The real estate cost for a company to provide an office space is $20,000 — $50,000 per year, PER WORKER. The cost to provide the best remote work experience on the planet is $2,000 per year, PER WORKER.


Getting a remote worker set up at home is expensive, time-consuming, and risk. We built Firstbase to let companies develop a remote strategy at the touch of a button. Companies can now fully provision a remote worker with all the tools and equipment they need to be as safe comfortable and productive at home as in an office instantly.

Social Interaction

Your closest social contact should not be dictated by your boss's hiring policy. The societal issues caused by office working — where you have to sacrifice your life for work — are massive. It leads to shallow, superficial relationships that lack depth, breath, or meaning.

Real-Time Collaboration & Productivity

If your company can’t work remotely I’d be incredibly concerned about the other things that it won’t be able to do across the next 10 years An ability to work remotely is a leading indicator that a company will be able to navigate disruption and that it’s capable of innovation.

Remote Management

People scared of managing remotely aren’t fearful of the quality or quantity of work suffering. They’re concerned about losing control. The fact is offices are a great place to work if you’re a certain age, gender… and they are terrible for others. Remote teams will become flatter by default and the most diverse organization in history will emerge rapidly. They will solve problems far more efficiently and be inspired by participating in a less directorial system. Those most scared of remote working are those who perceive it to destroy the advantages they have by the office being the predominant workplace.

CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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