Remote Work Will Bring Down a Trillion-Dollar Company

Chris Herd
4 min readJun 3, 2021


Several of the $Trillion-Dollar tech giants will be disrupted by remote work.

What happened to every company that didn’t adopt computers?
What happened to every company that didn’t implement Software?
What happened to every company that didn’t accept the internet?

What’s about to happen to every company that doesn’t embrace remote work?

Marc Andreessen wrote “why software is eating the world” a decade ago. What followed was the rise of an industry. Companies that didn’t adapt perished. Others continue to pay the price as they try to catch up on a decade of lost innovation.

Companies are about to be eaten by remote work

9 in 10 people never want to work in an office again full-time. Full-time office companies face the biggest exodus of talent in history. I predict we are about to see the highest period of turnover in history between companies as individuals everywhere optimize their working situation towards what provides them with the highest quality of life.

This is a replay of eCommerce vs. physical stores

Physical retail is no longer economically viable because eCommerce is more convenient, cheaper, and it offers far more flexibility, control, and choice.

Virtual-first companies crush office-first companies for the same reason. Every office becomes a millstone around the neck of companies that stops them from succeeding.

In a knowledge economy, companies are only as strong as their talent. Talent is demanding remote work and the number of people who want it will explode post-Covid.

Millions of people have only experienced pandemic remote work
Normal remote is 100X better than pandemic remote

As things open up and we begin to emerge from Covid enforced work from home — lockdowns, home-schooling, not being able to travel, missing…



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