Self-driving Cars, Smart Technoloy and Cheesecake

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The current advertising system of platforms with the most eyeballs monopolising the marketplace has reached a tipping point through over-saturation and invasiveness. Adverts have become too obvious, frequent and shameless that their relevancy, though growing due to the tracking of your online habits, has been adversely impacted. People are now aware of the fact they are being sold to and have rejected this, signified by the emergence of ad-blocking mobile tools and in-browser integration.

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Marketing and advertising have to evolve. It has to seek permission for the invasion of privacy and psychological warfare it perpetuates while offering an incentive or reward for participation. What enrages people is that multi-national companies are paid tremendous amounts of cash to advertise to them when they have neither invited or permitted it. They are not incentivised in any way to participate in this dance encouraging unnecessary opulence and neither are their family or children. Furthermore, we actually pay for the pleasure to be advertised to by satellite television. We invite this advertisement through our monthly subscription and expose ourselves to this never ending barrage of psychologically altering ‘abuse’.

What if evolution amounts to a transformative experience? Would you be interested in exploring what it would entail and how you could benefit? if instead of being force fed a message you could consume content at your leisure while crucially gaining the opportunity to benefit and profit from it. This is the future: invitational integration.

Autonomous vehicles are my personal favourite for consideration. As self-driving cars proliferate the market a captive audience can be acquired incredibly easily. I can foresee a time where transport is heavily subsidised by those who want to get a message to specific people, utilising targeted advertisement derived from your online browsing habits to bring you the products you are inherently interested in. Choosing to travel a specific way is the permission while the subsidisation of the fare is the reward. The product could then be ordered at the touch of a button from within the cab automatically rerouting you on your journey to acquire the product.

The internet of things is also a hugely intriguing opportunity. Marketing will infiltrate the home with advertisement inside your fridge when it senses products are running low. Your cupboards will also sense what stocks are dwindling with brands then able to advertise their product as a replacement. In order for this to occur, you will be rewarded with reduced costs incentivising you to participate, the antithesis of today’s methods.

This will expand to include the entirety of you home; from your cupboard, taking care of your cleaning utilities, to your wardrobes, identifying any gaps in your requirement for additional clothing. The expansion of interconnectivity and evolution of technology will expand avenues for consumption to previously unimaginable and unconstrained proportions. This will enable the introduction of advertisement in every conceivable place. Crucially though it will be with view to the reward for doing so for the end user.

Big data created from the interconnection of devices will enable an enterprise to target those most in need ensuring marketing is effective. The current scatter-gun approach of trying to shout loudest reaching a totally uninterested audience will become extinct replaced by a far more targetted system reaching only the people who are interested. Think super effective pay-per-click advertisement in which appliances are intelligently able to ascertain your requirements. The lower your stock gets the more expensive the advertisement becomes as it becomes more of a necessity to replenish.

The future promises to be the dawn of a new age of advertising, one which benefits the consumer through reduced costs but will continue to play psychological warfare with unconsenting participants. Technology will make our attention more valuable while making it easier to purchase, which is a very dangerous concept. One click purchasing when you see a delicious cheesecake advertised on your fridge, as you are in the midst of a desperate search for nourishment, will inevitably lead to a mouth-watering purchase. I guess I better get used to eating more cheesecake!

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