So, You Think You’re a Remote Company?

Chris Herd
3 min readFeb 25, 2021

The rise of public announcements has been rapid. Almost daily we see a large tech company or global organization share that going forward that will be a “remote” company. The reality is that their actions will speak far louder than words ever could.

Some companies are paying lip service to something new in hopes of being rewarded for the clout that inevitably comes with it. Others are following through on what they’ve announced.

This brings us to the most important point around this transition to remote.

Whatever the leadership of a company does sets the culture of the company.

Leaders all in office? You’re an office first-culture Leaders all remote? You’re a remote-first culture

If management runs back to the office, an organization will remain centralized. This is inevitable and unavoidable. The most advantageous situation for each individual in terms of career development will be to attend that place as frequently as possible in order to get rewarded and recognized by management.

The problem is that career progress is dictated by proximity to leadership.

Similarly, people operating remotely as a minority are cut out of the loop in decision-making. Off the cuff decisions not adequately recorded end up being implemented because the majority of people have consented.

All in office makes this easy.
All in remote makes this easy.

The only difference is that a remote-first company defaults to transparency, documentation, and written communication which doesn’t cut office-based employees out of the loop — and therefore is the mode of…



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